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This category is for quizzes on such topics as dance, theater, comedy, and magic, where artists typically perform live before an audience. This is a new page that we are currently building, so expect to see more quizzes added.


Actors and Actresses Quizzes

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Dance Quizzes

  • What Ballet Company Do You Belong In?
    [by: Anastasia, rated: rated: 2.95/5, published: Dec 7, 2017]

    There are a ton of ballet companies out there, but some are world renowned as the best. They each have very different styles, philosophies, and susperstars,…

  • Would you get into the Royal Ballet School?
    [by: Izzy, rated: rated: 2.57/5, published: Apr 4, 2016]

    Almost every little girl will lie awake at night and dream of being the elegant ballerinas on their toes in pretty dresses and tiaras! As you get older, fewer…

Magic Quizzes

  • How well do you know Criss?
    [by: Brittany, rated: rated: 2.79/5, published: Dec 2, 2006]

    You think you know Criss? This quiz is designed to test your knowledge about Criss and his show MindFreak. How loyal are you? Find out when you take this…

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