Are you a TRUE hunger games fan??

There are many that THINK that they are a true hunger games fan. Some people have only seen the movies so they don't know what's in the books at all! Do you think you are a TRUE hunger games fan?

Do you know all about the hunger games? Do you know what happens on screen and off screen? Well in just a few minutes you will know thanks to my quiz!

Created by: Saddas

  1. Who is Primrose?
  2. Who are the last three people in the 74th hunger games?
  3. In mocking jay, who out of the following dies?
  4. What weapons does Peeta use?
  5. What did Katniss do back in district 12?
  6. By the end of the triolegy, who does Katniss love?
  7. What does district 7 do?
  8. Do Katniss and Peeta ever get officially married?
  9. Who was the game maker in the 75th hanger games?
  10. Who is Gale?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE hunger games fan??