Are you a true HG fan?

Some people think they know all about the Hunger Games, since they've heard all the media! If you take this quiz, you'll see how much of a True Hunger Games Fan you truly are!

You think you know all about the Hunger Games? Made all the realizations no one ever has? Think you know it better then the rest of us fans? When you've taken this quiz, we'll see if you'll remain correct.

Created by: JJ~Chan
  1. Do Peeta and Katniss officially get married?
  2. How many kids do Katniss and Peeta have?
  3. Who dies first?
  4. How many books are there?
  5. How many movies are there?
  6. Which movie gets split into two?
  7. Is Divergent and The Hunger Games the same thing?
  8. Who is the Game Maker in Katniss' 2nd Games?
  9. Who is Prim?
  10. When is the song "The Hanging Tree" presented?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true HG fan?