How well do you know the hungergames trilogy?

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There are many people who have read the hungergames, but much fewer have studied them with all their heart. The hunger games are an awesome series, and everyone should read them!

As you can probably see, I am a hunger games fanatic! Are you? Thanks to my great quiz, you have a few minutes to find out. Let's go, and as they say, may the odds be ever in your favour!

Created by: Ash22

  1. Who says "remember who the real enemy is"?
  2. In catching fire, Katniss and her group of allies were sent loads of bread. Which district was most of the breads from?
  3. In the first book, who who had a role in the games did Snow execute?
  4. By the end of the series, how many victors did district 12 have altogether, both dead and alive.
  5. In catching fire, why did Gale get whipped in public?
  6. In mockingjay, who dies by getting ripped apart by mutts?
  7. What colour is the dress Katniss wears to the reaping?
  8. How does Joanna's partner die?
  9. Who is second in command in the star squad?
  10. What is Katniss's fave Capitol food?
  11. Who was Haymitch's hunger games partner?
  12. In mockingjay, what are the mutts dressed as?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the hungergames trilogy?