How well do you know The Hunger Games?

The HungerGames is my favourite book and I want to see how well other people pay attention to this book. I wish you luck! (Unless youve never read it)

Do you know The Hunger Games? Test your knowledge of the first book and we how well you really pay attention to the details with this short quiz. LUCK!

Created by: Curlyfries
  1. Who is the first person mentioned in the book?
  2. When is Katniss' birthday?
  3. How many pages are in the book?
  4. What color is Effie's wig at the reaping?
  5. Katniss is ____ years old.
  6. Katniss meets Gale on what day of the week?
  7. What age was Peeta when he developed a crush on Katniss?
  8. Katniss' first kill is __________
  9. What does Katniss call the flowers she used to cover Rue with after she is killed?
  10. Are you getting bored? (Click heck yea, if you want this question to count as correct)
  11. What does District 7 specialize in?
  12. District 12 is located in which state?
  13. Which district is the boy that grabs Katniss' bag in the beginning of the Games from?
  14. What is Katniss' favourite colour?
  15. What is Peeta's favourite colour?
  16. Who did Peeta say the red-head Avox looks like?
  17. Who killed Foxface?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know The Hunger Games?