What District Are You In The Hunger Games.

Do you want to find out what District you belong in the hunger games. Play this quiz to find out. Have fun playing the quiz!!!

Hello this is my very first quiz so it might not be as good as other quizzes you have played but please do try this quiz because it is not worthless/that bad. Sorry if you don't like your district but it is what it is.

Created by: Annie
  1. Who is your favourite character out of;
  2. Who's death were you most sad about;
  3. What District do you want to see win;
  4. Which character do you dislike the most out of;
  5. Are you sad that Glimmer died;
  6. Are you sad that Wiress died;
  7. Are you sad that Finnick died;
  8. Are you sad that Foxface died;
  9. Are you sad that the Morthling siblings died;
  10. Are you sad that everyone in the District 8 hospital died;
  11. Are you sad that Rue died;
  12. Are you sad that Prim died;
  13. Most importantly which District do you want to be in.

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Quiz topic: What District am I In The Hunger Games.