Which Career From the 74th Annual Hunger Games Are You?

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Hello, and welcome to my quiz. Have you ever read the Hunger Games book and wondered which Career tribute you are? Well, look no further than this very quiz.

You can get either Glimmer Belcourt. Cato Hadley, Clove Kentwell, or Marvel Sanford. These tributes all have their own distinctive qualities. Soo... what are you waiting for??

Created by: Still_Slytherin.7572

  1. What is your gender?
  2. What Career district are you from?
  3. What color is your hair?
  4. What would be your hairstyle?
  5. What would your training score be?
  6. What would your weapon of choice be in the games?
  7. In your friend group, you are the...?
  8. How would your friends describe you?
  9. RP!!It is just before the reaping and your asthmatic little sibling has an attack. What do you do?
  10. Which of the following universes do you wish you belonged to?
  11. What is your greatest fear?
  12. If a random stranger walks up to you and calls you a retard, what do you do?
  13. Which Career tribute from the 74th do you resemble?
  14. Finally, which tribute are you hoping to get?

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Quiz topic: Which Career From the 74th Annual Hunger Games am I?