Could you survive the Hunger Games

Do you know The Hunger Games? With Katniss, Peeta, Gale, President Snow, Prim, Buttercup and Coin? The rebels, the capitol and all the districts?

Could you survive The Hunger Games? What would you use? Bow and arrow, Spear, Darts or a trap? To survive would be great. And thanks to this quiz, you can find out if you would or woulden't survive The Hunger Games.

Created by: Vanessa
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  1. You find some people on the street fighting. You...
  2. Somebody sneaks up on you and scares you, you...
  3. Which is your favorite weapon out of these
  4. You found some food on a table, it looks fresh and nobody has touched it. You look around, you don't see anybody around
  5. Your friend is lost and the police can't find him. You...
  6. If you could have one super power, what would it be
  7. Just choose one, it won't effect your score
  8. Again...
  9. Last time...
  10. Do you think you will survive?

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