School Love Twisted

Who do you love? The Hot Emo? the gorgeous nerd? or the beautiful Jock? Plus what the heck is happening at school. You maybe new but you can tell somethings up. You've been to alot of schools but not like this.

Do you want to find out who you'll love. Or what's happening at the school. I'm sure the suspencion is great. This quiz is like a book but better. Take this quiz and find out what I'm talking about.

Created by: Sydney

  1. you nervously walk into the school. Your the new girl. When you first walk in a Jock you can easily tell walks up to you. He offers to show you around. What did you Say?
  2. He's about to walk you to your class when a hot emo boy with long dark hair and dark brown hair walks up to you. Hi I'm Zach i see You've met Cody. So that's his name you think. Well how about you have lunch with us.
  3. Well they drop you off at your first class, Biology. you walk in and sit next to a gorgeous boy with Light blue eyes. at first you thought he was about to talk to you becuase of the wway he looked at you but he looked nervous. The teacher says to pick partners. Suprisingly he asks you and tells you his name is John. What do you say?
  4. There Was no one else to be partners with so you work with John. You can't stop staring in his eyes. Before you know it class is over. you didn't help at all with the work. Before you leave John asks if you want to walk with him to the next class.
  5. You couldn't find Zach or Cody so you walked around with John for the rest of the day. Before you knew it it was lunch. You found Zach and Cody and sat with them. they asked you if you would go outside with them.
  6. you go out with them and they start walking toward the parking lot which was abandend. Zach starts to kiss you. Then Cody bit your neck. Your neck hurt super bad. Zach said "Sorry we had to do that but we had to turn you into a vampire."
  7. Cody said " We had to do that before someone else did. We won't say who but if they did you would of became evil. Then you would try to kill us.
  8. We'll tell you more later right now we need to get back to class. The rest of the day your neck hurt. After school Zach grabbed you and said to come with him. You got in his car. To be Continued
  9. What did you think of my quiz?
  10. ok last question who do you like.

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