Twisted Love Story

You know that most love stories start off when you're doing something and then some hot guys knock you out and stuff like that? Well, this quiz isn't like that! It's a little different!

Zac- (he's my fave) black hair that covers his gray eyes, tall, nice James-Dark brown hair that covers his forehead, dark choclate eyes, medium, strong Evan-dirty blonde hair, midnight blue eyes,tall, smart

Created by: makeup123
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  1. So, you're at home alone scince your parents went out. It's almost 9:45, there's a thunderstorm outside, and your parents still haven't gotten home yet. What do you do?
  2. Lets say you choose to read a book. Suddenly, your window shatters into tiny peaices and the rain comes pouring in. A man dressed in black junps in from the window. "Be quiet and follow me" he yells at you. What do you do?
  3. Lets say you just sit there frozen in fear. " Get up and follow me!" he says angerly. Suddenly 3 more guys jump in from the window. Which guy do you like?
  4. "Let her go!" Zac yells. "NO!" the bad guys replies. He takes out a gun and points it towards your head. "Now, back off before I shoot her!"
  5. Well whatever you chose, the bad guy quickly picks you up in a flash and runs to his hideout.
  6. You wake up in a dark room on a bed with wires attached to your wrist, head, and legs. You try to get up but you can't. When ever you try to move, your body feels really heavy, so you decide to just lie.
  7. A strange figure comes from the shadows of the room. "I see you're awake." He says. You can finally see the figure and you see that it's the man who tried to kidnap you. "Finally, in a couple minutes, your power will be mine! Haha! He says.
  8. Suddenly, you see the 3 guys Zac, James, and Evan creeping behind him. James quickly and quietly knocks him out. "That should do it." James says. "Stay still and try not to move" Evan tells you. He quickly removes the wires from your body. Then, Zac carries you to a house quickly.
  9. Which guy do you like?
  10. That's it people! please come back for part 2! please rate and commet and tell me if you have any good ideas for the story

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