How twisted are You?

Are You Sick and Twisted or are you Not at all twisted? In this quiz you can find out your level of twistednes. Just how sick of a person are you? Maybe your like most and just slightly twisted or very twisted.

This quiz will give an idea of where you fit into this world. Sick and Twisted is usually not good thing, unless you want to join the military. Maybe you will find that you really are not cut out for gore.

Created by: James

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  1. How do you react when a stranger cuts themselves, not seriously but enough to gush blood?
  2. How do you react when watching a gorey movie and a man is being brutally stabbed(lots of blood)?
  3. Have you ever hunted and killed an animal?
  4. Have you ever physically hurt person (brusied, hit till person bled, stabbed, slapped etc.)?
  5. Have you ever beaten a pet animal (dog, cat, pet goat, etc.)?
  6. Have you ever killed a pet animal(dog, hamster, cat, reptile etc)?
  7. What do you think of abortion?
  8. Do you ever find photos on internet of murders or accident?
  9. Do you ever conflict pain upon self?
  10. Do you watch real videos of rape, or people being beaten.

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Quiz topic: How twisted am I?