Twisted Twilight, your story (part 2)

so this is part 2 of my new little series, Twisted Twilight. just a recap: you're name is bella swan you've just moved to forks to live with your dad.

you have a car named betty and you have just met Alice Emmett and Edward black. you have also met their step brother Jacob Cullen. he was rude when he met you unlike Emmett and Alice but you will soon know why.

Created by: Chinch
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  1. Things were quiet for 2 seconds and to you it felt like hours. "So bella.." Emmett started " your new around here right? never been here before? don't know many people?"
  2. "oh ok its just we thought you might like to come hang with us for a little bit?" Emmett asked. you barley hear wat hes saying cause your looking at Jacob, again he's shaking and quivering but this time he's not leaning away. he seems to be leaning towards you now.Then the girl from english Alice Black come to stand next to the boy and jacob.
  3. "You've alreadly met me and jacob, Bella this is Alice and Edward, my brother and my sister" Alice was looking at you diffrently now, almost like shes studying you. She lent close to Jacob, "are you sure Jacob?" She whispered "Do you think i'm shaking on purpose?!" he nearly yelled back.
  4. before they answer you out of no where Edward says "ones here" they all run to Edward leaving you standing by yourself. Then before you know what to expect a person rises out of the dirt and smiles an evil smile at you. The others don't see him.
  5. He walks towards you now. Your frozen with fright un-able to move or speak. He's getting closer, you look over his shoulder just in time to see Jacobs head snap up and see the guy. who do you look at?
  6. Everybody is still crowded around Edward till you look over the bad guys shoulder and Jacobs head snaps up and meets your eyes. The guy grabs your wrist staring at you again he squeezes and you can feel the blood cutting off.
  7. Edward hears you and him and Jacob both lunge for the guy at the same time. Jacob grabs him first and pulls him away from you. Edward grabs you up into his arms and carrys out to your car. he gets in the car and sits with you still in his lap before locking the doors.
  8. you look at your wrist and notice bruses swelling already. Edward is looking you in the eyes studying your scared expression. "you can't be one of them, your too young.. to inocent" he whispers.
  9. just as your about to get yur answer Emmett and Alice show up with Jacob not far behind. he's still shaking but this time he seems more in control of it. Emmett Alice and Jacob get in. "Emmett i think you should drive shes going to pass out by the look of it" Jacob says you realise its the first time you've heard his voice normaly. " Bella we're going to take you to our home. we need to talk"
  10. They take you back to their home and sit you on the lounge between Emmett and Edward. Jacob sees the frightened look on your face. "you guys can go, we need to talk alone" Jacob says to Alice Emmett and Edward. they go quietly. "bella do you know why your here?" "no" you reply. " A very long time ago i was dying as a young boy, only 19 years old but i was dying. what i was dying from had already killed my parents."
  11. "what killed them?" You ask " there are strange creatures in this world Bella me myself i am one now. but theyre are ones who develop. we have no idea how it works one day your a normal human the next.. something strange.i was changed, you might not belive this but i am a vampire, one of the very few of us left,and you" he reaches out to stroke your cheek "you are one of those humans who develop a certain creature inside of you"
  12. and ....... this is where i'll leave it. look out for part 3 coming soon!

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Quiz topic: Twisted Twilight, my story (part 2)