Twisted Twilight, your story (part 1)

this is my first quiz! go easy on me it might not be as good as you expect. in this i have twisted the whole twilight story around!!!

the famliy consists of Alice, Edward and Emmett black!(new last name) and they're step brother Jacob Cullen. they all have secrets to hide and one by one they are reveling the truth.

Created by: Chinch

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  1. Your name is Isabella swan. you have just moved here to forks to live with your father charlie. you've been home, un-packed your bags, settled in and had a very bad night of sleep. you are now on your way to school in your brand new, re-built '67 'caddy'. you find a park and look around checking out your new school, you notice a silver volvo. out of it hops 1 girl and 3 boys.
  2. One of the boys, look nothing like the others, you stare at him in wonder. you notice he is more dangerous looking then the rest of them, but still more beautiful in his own way. he sniffs descretly but you notice. then his head whips around and he stares straight at you. you get caught staring at him. you:
  3. One of the other boys tap him on the shoulder and he looks away, then all 6 of them walk away. You grab your bag from the bag locking the car (you've named it betty just easier that way). and walk into the office to collect your new timetable. you have english first. you look around and see one of the girls from the silver volvo sitting at a double desk by herself. you got to the teacher and give him your slip to sign, he sends you to sit next to her. you sit down nexted to her and introduce yourself. "hi Isabella, i'm Alice Black" "Nice to meet you" you decide to ask casually who she was driving with this morning.
  4. so you decide to go with the brother/sister question "yes i have 2 brothers oh and 1 step brother what about you?" you explain you are an only child. After a while she says good bye and the bell rings. she invites you to with them at lunch.
  5. Next up is biology and as usaul there only one seat, next to one of the boys you seen in the car park. and next to him is the beautiful one, the one whos been running through your mind all day. when you sit he introduces himself. "hey i'm Emmett black and this is my step brother ja..."
  6. you look across and realise the boy sitting next to Emmett is shaking. he is quivering and reering away from you as far he can go." uhh... excuse jacob he's not real polite" Emmett explained trying to distract you.
  7. All of a sudden, Jacob is grabbing Emmetts shirt pulling him towards him hissing "shes one!" Emmetts eyes widened after hearing his words. "cool it Jacob, we'll sort it out!" Emmett calms Jacob down just before the teacher gets suspicisous.
  8. For the rest of the class neither of them says a word. but you do notice Jacob twicting alot.when the bell goes you grab your books and bag and start to head to lunch, Emmett invites to meet you after lunch and walk you to gym. you agree and decide you've had enough of creepy jacob for one day and sit by youself for lunch.
  9. when the bell rings you dont hear Emmett approach he takes you off gaurds and scares you. "ha did i scare you?"
  10. he laughs. "come on i'll show you a short cut" he takes you up around the bush path behind the buildings, Jacob and another boy from the car park is there. You feel Emmett put his arm around your shoulder, and hes strong.
  11. look out for part 2!!!!!! coming soon!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Twisted Twilight, my story (part 1)