Twisted Twilight, your story (part 5)

ok sorry it's taken so long but i havent had much of a chance since school went back :P lol ok quick refresh, your in the dinner getting your pusre, the guy with the shotgun and the voice!

so i had a bit of a glitch with my comptuer i couldn't add seth into it but dont fret he should be back in the nex tone and if he's not the i'll let yous all know

Created by: Chinch

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  1. ok so your in a diner with a crazy holding a shotgun to the back of your head but then you hear a voice from behind you yell out... i'l just say now though seth isnt a result for this one the quiz site wouldn't let me add him into this one but dont panic he should be back in the next one.
  2. ok so you hear a loud joking voice say "Come on woman times up!" Edward walks into the room laughing but then stops in his tracks when he sees you on the floor and the guy behind you. he turns to Edward "unless you want me to blow her brains out i suggest you walk out and pretend you never saw any of this" He threatened Edward. Edward ignores him and takes a step towards the guy.
  3. the barrel of the gun is gone from your head now pointed at Edward. "no!" you scream. You try to wrestle the gun out of the guys hand you hear a shot go off and hear Edward gasp out loud before hearing Jacob and Seth run in. you hear Edwards furouis growl before he lunges at the guy. Seth runs to you putting his hand on your neck and Jacob joins Edward. then Everything is black.
  4. Two days later... You wake up without opening your eyes, and you can hear everything as if your underwater. you feel cold pressure on your neck, you can also hear people talking it sounds like Emmett arguing with Edward. then you hear Seth and Jacob talking right next to you. "what if i was too late Jake?" Seth voice sounded tired and weak. "you can hear her heart it's as strong as ever, just give her a little more time."
  5. you struggle to open yours eyes but still can't even move. You lay motion-less for another 30 mintues before you have a enough strengh to open your eyes. when you do the first thing you see is Seth sitting by your bed with his hand on your neck. He looks totally beat. he looks down at you and sees you awake "bella, i thought you'd never wake up" His voice is croaky.
  6. "bell, that guy in the diner.. when you were wrestling the gun away from him a shot went off" You flinch remebering that horrible sound "He hit you bell, in the neck you nearly died... just from blood loss" He lifts his hand and you realise why your necks so cold. "so why aren't i dead?" You ask "I healed you, thats my power Bell. i've sat here for 2 days trying to keep you alive"
  7. Jacob and Edward walk into the room at that moment. "BELLA!" they both call. they run over to you, you try to sit up but seth holds you down "you need to rest bella, you lost alot of blood" Jacob bends and kisses you on the tip of your nose, Edward kisses you on your forehead and seth just smiles sweetly.
  8. "Let her up Seth" Emmett says from the doorway. You sit up and smile towards him, "Isabella we need to talk" Seth looks towards Edward and he nods, Edward, Jacob and Seth leave the room. someone hesitates to leave you with him who is it?
  9. you sit up and Emmett sits in front of you. "i know Edward told you i said we should take you to be killed, but he didn't tell you why i said that" "go on" "well i had a partner a girl i absoulutly loved, and alice had a boy she adored. Rosalie and Jasper. we were all out hunting one day, Alice and i broke away from them to herd some elk, but in the feild was a young demon exactly like you, we heard the fight start between them and we both ran as fast as we could to get them, bt it was too late. there was no sign of them but the demon was there, we took her down mostly out of rage, we didn't destroy it propley unless you dispose of he body proplerly they are reborn that instant and they remember nothing of they're last life. so it's like a new start"
  10. "Bella the moment you were born was the moment we killed the demon. i have nothing against you but this is why i disagreed with letting you live." "you think i killed them?" "No.. maybe... i dont know. it woulds make sense for that to be true, but my brother Edward loves you and so does Jacob and Seth. i can see why" He smiles, "they're outside the door now, they think i'm going to kill you" he laughs. You say:
  11. anyway thats the end for part 5 part 6 will be soon so can't wait to wite the next one. who do you love?!

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Quiz topic: Twisted Twilight, my story (part 5)