Twisted Twilight, your story (part 7)

ok guys sorry i took so long to make it it was half finshed for ages but i forgot my pass and remembered it the other day! lol lucky me! ok enjoy!

ok i hope you enjoy took a while to write new twist in this one! lol i hope you like it any ideas you got just leave them in comments and i'll see if they fit in!

Created by: amiechinch
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  1. ok quick questions again. fave movie
  2. fave genre of music:
  3. ok so where were we? right. ok. Edward covered your body with his it was still all quiet after the glass was shattered "stay here" he whispers low enough for only you to hear.
  4. "it's ok bella just some kids throwing rocks through the windows. they all think this place is abandoned" you roll out of bed and pick up the rock, it's the size of your hand and really heavy. you notice a note attached to it with a rubber band.
  5. you look at the note while Edward cleans up the glass not paying any attetion to you. you read the note it just simply says "Things WILL be set right i promise you that Bella"
  6. you slip the note into your pocket witout telling Edward, who has cleaned up all the glass now. he walks you down stairs to eat breakfast. when your sitting at the table jacob and seth arent eating (as usaul) but Jacob is staring at you a diffrent way then usaul.
  7. you finish eating as Emmett walks in. "what was all that noise this morning?" he asks picking up the paper "just some kids throwing rocks again" you answer. Jacobs still looking at you strange, luckily you have training with seth and he's to energetic to be worrying bout the glass. after the lesson he pulls you aside and sits with you on the grass on a picnic blanket. your eating little sandwiches and he just stares out to the open plain. "you know, i havent seen you or jacob hunt since i got here" you say "yeah we're pretty in control we might have to leave tonight though, we don't want to lose it" "wat do you hunt?" " don't worry it's only animals" you two laugh for a while and before long it starts to pour down rain, he quickly picks you up leaving the blanket and stuff behind and hunches his shoulders forward to keep you dry, he runs you back to the house just in time for dinner.
  8. you eatt then stay up with the boys for a while, before deciding to go to bed. you lay in bed for a while then spot a shadow under the crack of your door, "night jake!" you call out you hear him laugh then say "night bells" you just start to drift off when you hear your window creak open. your eyes pop open and you see Jacobs shadow shift. Using your abilitie to harness elements you blow open the window with wind and grab who was on your window ledge with the garden vine. Jacob literlly breaks the door down trying to get in. You look at the boy wrapped in your vine. Jacob launches at him, teeth bared, but you use a ring of fire to stop him. He looks at you shocked.
  9. You pull you vine towards you, the boy is still shocked his looking around and struggling to get free, "nick?" you ask hesintaly "Bella is that you? help! get this thing off me!" you drop the vine and it slides stealthy out the window. Nick hears jacob hiss at him and run to hide behind you.
  10. "Jacob Calm!" you say. Edward Seth and Emmett have come in now. they all look at you then the boy crouched behind you, you let down your fire wall so everyone can see whats going on. "guys, this is Nick" you say then take in a deep breath before you say "My Ex"
  11. ok who do you love?!!!!

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Quiz topic: Twisted Twilight, my story (part 7)