One True heart (Part 1)

Hello, I am whawha, and welcome to my series called, "One true heart". I have been taking a popular love story series and it's called, "Which will fall for you". I started to get this idea of making my own love series. So, here's the story: You were at just a boring restaurant, and four cute guys picked you up in a dark blue van as it started to rain. Your job is to pick which of these guys are going to be your one and only true crush. Plus, four of them are different creatures, who are fighting evil creatures.

One's name is Francis. He's got brown eyes, and he is very sweet and dreamy. Another is Andrew, and he's got green eyes. He is a devil, and he is strong and very charming. Another is Simon, he has blue eyes. He is very shy and is a little shorter than the others. And lastly, is Jacob. He is a wolf (Haha! Twilight!) and he has gold eyes. He's very smart and quick. Who are you falling for?

Created by: whawha
  1. You are at a restaurant on a cool and breezy night. The entrance door is still open, waiting for customers to order. It's 7:30 PM right now, as you see a line of people waiting. The wind blows and the cold air fills up the whole restaurant, as you were shivering and wanted to stay warm. As you had a sip of your glass of water, You decided to walk home, alone. You then went out the door as you were listening to music on your music device. The wind blows heavily and the clouds surround the sky and cover up the moon. Suddenly, it started to rain.
  2. Suddenly, four guys in a dark blue van pull up to you. One guy that has blonde hair and brown eyes, calls out, "You need a ride?". You nod as if you were confused, and you then stopped walking and opened the car door. As you got in and closed the door, you saw a guy with brown hair and blue eyes, a guy with black hair and gold eyes, and a guy with dark red hair and green eyes. "Hi, my name is Francis. We heard about you and your family, and we needed your help." the one with brown eyes says. "Well, what's the problem?" You ask, strangely. "My name is Andrew, and well, You are in danger and we needed you so we could help you stop these harsh humans." The one with the green eyes says. "Well, what do they do?" You ask, again, but confused. "My name is Jacob. and well, there are some humans that happen to be some dangerous dragons, totally freaky witches, Furious vampires and Poisonous humans that are half human, half snake." The one with the gold eyes says. "Why are they after me, and you?" You ask, once again. "My name is Simon, and well, you are a very powerful and gifted person. You have the power to use Force and the weather. They are after you because you have special powers that can vanquish those horrible creatures. They are after us because we are different. I'm a wizard, Andrew's a devil, Jacob's a wolf, and Francis is a King that controls water." The one with the blue eyes says.
  3. You and the guys then heard a "BOOM" on top of the car. "What was that?" Francis wonders, Suspiciously. Suddenly, you heard moaning and growling. A black creature was in front of the car, and it looked really gooey. Black goo was under it's arms, and every part of it's body. It had white eyes, black short antennae and white sharp fangs. It's mouth opened wide, and it's teeth started to bite on the glass. The glass was too delicate that it started to get damaged. "Huh?" You thought, arching an eyebrow. Jacob then looks at you as you were very confused. "Oh, that's the snake human that I told you about. You should avoid it. It could bite on you and the black goo could absorb your body, that your blood cells will turn black and then you would happen to be a snake human, too. It's a painful attack." He says. Suddenly, the car was about to fall at a very sharp-edged cliff. You gasp as if you were very frightened, but then you see Andrew with a red face. His eyes turn red, and a flash of light blocks your vision. A few seconds later, you see Andrew with red eyes, and every part of his body was red, too. His shirt was off and red pants were on him, and he had a red pitchfork and pointy horns. He had two sharp fangs at the front of his mouth, the rest with regularly-shaped. You then seem to be full of amazement, just to see Andrew as a devil for the first time. "This time, I am not getting that stupid snake in my way." Andrew growls, as he ran out of the car, and jumped on the top to fight the snake human.
  4. You hear lots of growling and banging on the top, and suddenly, heavy rain started to happen. You and the guys get out of the car with umbrellas, and then you sat on a comfortable bench to watch Andrew fight the snake human. Lots of black goo and red blood were dripping on the car, and on the sandy ground of the cliff. Jacob starts to get sharp fangs on his teeth too, and he then turns into a black wolf with gold eyes. Jacob had evolved into a wolf. So he joined the fight too. You saw extra blood dripping, and you were praying to make the snake human die. Simon and Francis, well, they just got very pissed.
  5. Suddenly, The snake human gets biten by Jacob, and then it started to sink into normal black goo. Then Jacob and Andrew changed back into their normal selves, but they needed help getting the car back up. Suddenly, you flew into the sky with white wings, and a yellow halo on you, and a white dress happened to come upon your regular clothes. You then speedily swooped in and set the car back in the right position. When it was perfectly on the outside of the edges, you changed back into your normal-self. The guys just gave a few How-did-you-do-that look, but Andrew seems to be relieved about it. He then walks over to you. "You are now part of the magical family. I am impressed. Now we have to train you a few lessons on your force and light power, in two days. Right now, we need to escape from this place. It's starting to give me the chills." He says.
  6. Two days later when you came to their house, you were stunned by all the modern and antique things around the house. Famous paintings recently painted by DaVinci, VanGogh, Picasso and Frida Kahlo. You see chandeliers hanging in 1 single room, and you see that the colors on the walls seem to be very anstonishing. As Andrew escorted you to your room, You were amazed - Pink walls, with 3 fire torches and a chandelier, a modern platform bed and dresser, an automatic closet that opens and closes, and a FREE Television and computer service on High-Definition. You then open a purple treasure chest, and it was full of clothes. Today is 6:30 PM, and you and the guys are going out for dinner tonight. What do you decide to wear?
  7. When you soon got dressed up, you went to the front door and turned the doorknob. You swung it open, and you stepped outside while closing the door behind you. All the guys were already in the van, as the car engine was running. Francis was wearing a white tuxedo, Andrew was wearing pitch-black, Simon was wearing gray and Jacob was wearing a red one. You then got in at the front seat where Andrew was. Soon enough, you and the guys drove away. Nobody didn't even say a single word after. It was 1 hour, and Simon and Francis were already sleepy. You yawn loudly and stretched your arms out. You then layed down on the arm of the passenger seat, and driftly fell asleep.
  8. Another hour later, you and the guys appeared to be at the restaurant. A girl wearing a golden dress, and has white pearl earrings, wearing a blue pearl necklace and is on golden high heels. Her brown hair has blonde and red streaks on it, and she is holding a brown modern purse. She waves at the guys, and then turned to you with a weird glare on her face. The car stopped at an empty parking, and Andrew stopped the engine as everybody got out of the car. "Katrine!" Simon yells happily. He then ran to hug her. "Katrine?" you wonder. "Finally, we are so happy to see you!" Jacob says. "Where were you?" Francis asks. "Oh, well," Katrine giggles. "Earlier I was at the Mooncrest hotel and suddenly I wanted to see you guys again" She replies as she was batting her eyelashes, just to see Andrew. "Yay! Andrew!" She yells as she was running, willing to hug him.
  9. After Katrine hugs Andrew wildly, she then turns to you. "Um, hello, person-that-I-never-met before. What's your name?" She asks in a cool, strong voice. You roll your eyes, as your not willing to answer. You then growl angrily at her. "Okay, okay, sorry! Geez." Katrine says as she backs off, then turns back to Andrew, batting her eyelashes again. "S-s-so An-droo, H-h-how are y-y-you?" She stammers, nervously. "Eh, okay I guess?" Andrew replies, also nervously. You then roll your eyes and you feel like to hit Katrine in the face for trying to get her stupidness all over Andrew. "O-o-ohkay Do-kay!" Katrine speaks weirdly. Suddenly, every body entered the glass door. The restaurant was a little modern like back at the mansion - Chandiliers, Cloths on the table and some napkins with utensils on top of it. The plates have cool decorations, and there was a buffet bar. Katrine squeals loudly as all the people in the restaurant, especially you and the guys, covered their and your ears. Francis then slapped Katrine's cheek and she stopped squealing. Your face started to get pale and cold, as you think that Katrine is sort of getting attention besides you.
  10. Whoops! Cliffhanger! come back for part 2!

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