Twisted Twilight, Your story (part 4)

ok!!!! Part 4 is finshed!!! it's getting a little more detailed now but it's still my Twisted Twilight!

ok just a quick recap, your names bella swan, you've been picked up by Edward black and his fried jacob cullen. edward being a warewolf and jacob a vampire, you have just found out you a demon and they others may be coming to kill you.

Created by: Chinch
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  1. ok where were we.... ok here we go: "what do you mean? whos coming?" you ask paniced. "lets go" someone scoops you up into there arms and carrys you up the staircase. who was it?
  2. Whoever it is sets you down in a room. "ok we need to train her now!" Edward says "ok, Bella do you know what happened downstairs? with the vine?" "no" you answer. "well bella that was you, you can control all four elements, water, earth, fire & air. click your fingrs" you do as Edward says and watch your fingers, they spark a few times before actully catching light, your so shocked. Then a gust of wind comes in and blows it out.
  3. you hear a light chuckle from Jacob standing close by, he smiles his cute little smile at you. Edward starts talking again " ok see this glass of water? *points to the water the table* use your finger to try and get just a little drop out" "umm ok" You put your finger in glass and pull out a wet finger. Jacobs laughing at you again now, " no, just twirl your finger" Edward explains. you making cirles in the air with your finger concetreting on the water. Then a drop rises into the air you make another cirlce with your other finger, and rise up another. you move the balls of water around the room before pointing one finger at Edward and sending the water ball crashing into his face wetting him. Jacob laughs really loud now so you point at him giving him the other one right in the face.
  4. "now that you've wet us, you can dry us off" Jacob syas laughing, "umm ok.... how?" Jacob comes over and stands behind you " All you have to blow" you blush at the feeling of having him so close. you take a deep breath and blow with all the force you have sending furniture flying jacob clamps his hand over your mouth. "not so hard" He's still laughing.
  5. you blow lightly this time drying them off. Edward and Jacob start fixing furniture, you decide to try something else, you click your fingers a few times getting up a good flame, you wave your other finger over top of it, the fire gets suddenly bigger and bigger till it's the size of a basketball. it balances on the tip of your finger, you spin it a few times so you have a large flame ball spining on your finger as it's just an ordanary basketball. Edward and Jacob are looking at you now, you smile the biggest smile you've ever smiled at them and they clap. you clap and the flame is gone! "Bella that was amazing!" Jacob says runing up and twirling you in his arms.
  6. Jacob swings you against the wall and stands protectivly in front of you. you notice Edward is the same now. "whats happening?" you ask "someone else is here, another vampire by the smell of it" Jacob sniffs a few times, "we'll attack togeather ok, Bella you hide here" Edward says "wait! it's seth!" Jacob yells "seth?!" he runs from the room and down the stairs. Edward leaves aswell but more hesitantly still keeping an arm aorund you.
  7. you walk down stairs and see a boy who is just as beautiful as Jacob. His eyes meet yours "Is he under control?" Edward asks "Ed man is that you?" the boy asks. "hey Seth" Edward brings you down the rest of the stairs to meet him. "Bella, this is Seth, my brother" Jacob introduces him. Seth sniffs and rasies one eyebrow at him. "it's ok we know man we were just training actully" Jacob said to his brother. "well then...." Seth crosses the room to you "are you sure your a demon, you look like an angel to me" and kisses your hand.
  8. "show seth what you've been learning" Jacob said like a proud friend. you do the same trick with the fire ball again and he seems impressed. "wow. how about i take you all out to the local dinner for a nice dinner"
  9. you drive down there and get a booth. Seth pushes past Edward and Jacob to sit next to you, you can hear them both growling from behind. "So Bella, you know the rules to having this kind of power?" Seth askes "rules?" "yeah just a few guidelines to keep your secret save. first of all never use your power in public places. Second, Don't draw attetion to yourself, and thridly but most importantly, any mortal who sees your powers must be killed, it's a sad thing but we can't risk having them expose us." "i understand" "okay" you all order your food and as expected Jacob and Seth dont take a bite, "you guys want a smoke?" Seth asked the boys. They looked at each other, "yeah" you are the last people in the dinner, so you leave with them outside. they can't get there lighters to work so Seth says "little help bell?" you laugh and click your fingers. "thank you"
  10. you look down and realise you left your purse in the dinner, " i'll be back in a mintue guys" You realise they're already closed and no ones here, but the doors open. so you just walk in and the first thing that happens is the door closes behind you. you turn quickly and theres a guy standing there with a shotgun in his hand.
  11. your first instint is to click your fingers and fight withe your fire but then you remember Seths words, Any mortal who witnesses it has to be killed. He's wearing a gray jumper with jeans and a baseball cap over his shaggy hair. "do as i say and i wont hurt you. got it?!" at first you dont answer. "i said you got it?!" he yells. "yes" you say scared. "open the till" " but i dont work here" "just open it!" "i don't know how!" your nearly crying now. he holds the shot gun to your chest, just near your coller bone. "is anyone else here?" you think about weather to tll him about the guys or not "no, no one else is here" "well then.. no one will find you for a long time" you mange to get the till open and you hand him the money in a paper bag. He smashes all the glasses on the counter. "Now get on the ground!" you kneel on the ground. you feel the gun barrel in the back of your head. this sends another wave of tears.
  12. Then a voice yells....... and thats all for part 4!

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Quiz topic: Twisted Twilight, my story (part 4)