A Twisted Love 2

Before I do the introduction, I just wanted to put a reminder that this is for girls, if no one's realized it already. Thanks, and if you're a boy and really want to take this, change the he into she.

In this love twist, one secret is revealed, but others aren't. Is Chris a part of this? Is the evil doing things now? What's going on? Only one question will be revealed in this quiz . . . And keep you waiting for the next.

Created by: Icewolf
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  1. When you and Viker reach his home, it had been a long walk. His house is like a haunted one, but not scary, just old and made of wood with cobweb. "Now you know why I said no," Viker said. You nod, and both of you come in. "Hi!" You hear a voice. "That's my brother, Ben," Viker said. "Hi, Ben," You notice one thing, though. Viker and pBen had no parents. Ben, although brothers with Viker, was nothing like him. Ben had reddish hair with pale skin and bright golden eyes. You don't mention this. A phone rings. Viker goes to it and hands you the phone. "Your mother," he says. Mystified, you take it. "Honey," you hear in the phone, "your dad and ai will be stay at your Aunt Mill's for a while. There's a boy from your class----I think his name is Viker---- who can tell you everything. Please, don't be mad. I love you." The phone hang up, and you turn to Viker. "So," you say.
  2. "We, including you and your family, are not any mortal humans. We are those who ride the animals and have a spirit of it as well. Why? There is an evil that threatens to destroy the earth, and it is in our power to stop them, with our only skills: immortality, which the other side has, learned ones, which are gained by training and knowledge, and the help of your spirit animal. The evil is coming closer, and your Aunt Mill is the best to protect your parents, who learned of this too late and have no learned skills. Now we take you, their daughter, to learn." Viker paused. "I better take you to the place," he said. And before you could even ask anything, you were out the door again, walking with Ben and Viker.
  3. "Here we are." Ben announced this as they stopped to what looked like a chamber, or an ice maze. "Go through the maze using your instincts," Viker said. "Remember, nothing can harm you to the death, but there will still be pain if something happens in there. You will always reach an ending ice-room, and in it will be your spirit animal. It will be yours, to stay by your side always. Like I mentioned earlier, you have its spirit, and you also ride it. Like, Flare, my dragon, who is not here at the moment. He is in one of the rooms in the house." You nod and step in the ice chamber, cold enfulging your body. You look at the many paths, and choose the one that's door was marked with silver flowers and golden mist, along with light shades to make nature, like grass and sky. You open the bronze doorknob and step in, it is still cold, and you spot your first challenge.
  4. You see a blue flame, but it quickly multiplied, and looked as if it were chasing you. The flame seemed to add coldness to the room, and you realized it was an ice flame, that froze you to death instead of burning you. But this would not be death. Muttering to yourself, you watch it, and it split into half. Then it split again, and before you knew it, there was a ring of ice fire around your feet. You jumped, and although the fire moved after you, you landed out of it and quickly went to the next part.
  5. You made it to the last two doors after battling several ogres and a live plant. Even though you were bruised, the cold was numbing, and you didn't feel it. One door was a flaming sun, and the other was storm clouds. You choose the storm cloud door. When you went in, you couldn't believe your eyes. There was a magnificent wolf in front of you. It's base color was a pale gray, but there were streaks and spirals of white and light shaded cool colors such as green, blue, and some others. The wolf's eyes were a clear blue like water, but the most amazing part was the wings. They were a pure golden-white, and when the wolf let you climb on, you felt the soft feathers brush against you.
  6. The she-wolf flew directly into the ceiling of the ice maze. You gasped as the cold stung you; then you sighed with relief when the wolf and you reached air. You saw the figures of Ben and Viker watching, and you landed, thinking quickly, you said, "This is Winter Shine." Viker nodded. "That was good for a first-timer. We better be getting home."
  7. Viker whistled. Soon, you saw a dragon-shaped silhouette and stared at the dragon before you. "Meet Flare Gaze," Viker said. You slowly nodded as you heard Ben whistle. "Meet Storm Leap," he announced as a winged deer landed.
  8. Viker and Ben climbed on. You did the same with Winter Shine, and the three of you flew off into the sunset.
  9. You and the boys reached their home. But there was something wrong. A window was broken. Viker walked inside and gasped. Ben looked frozen. No . . . You could practically hear the word ringing inside their minds.
  10. Cliffhanger!

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