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Your parents are out on yet an other honeymoon for a month, and they aren't taking you. So they send you to the Golden Bell Winter Camp. The joy. You have no idea what to expect. Well, you DO know it's a 2 night train ride to get there.

Yes, it IS yet an over one of those quizzes where you end you with a guy at the end of the whole thing, but this is only part one, so you don't get to hang around with the guys much.

Created by: spacedustchaser
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  1. Your parents are on holiday for a month, so no annoying parents this february as you have to go to a camp.
  2. You pack your bag, you can take anything with you BUT clothes. What do you pick?
  3. Now you're packed and just wearing top and jeans, with your favourite sneakers, Your parents drop you off the train station. Your thoughts?
  4. Your parents leave and you head for the train they told you to go, 6D, some tall guy in his 30s asks if your here for the winter camp. You just nod. 'Name?' 'Er... I'm _________' 'Oh, good good,' he gives you a leaflet 'You're in wagon 4, room B, there should be 4 boys and 2 girls, an other one would join you shortly.' he smiles and lets you through.
  5. You walk past the first 3 wagons and enter the fourth one,It's pretty big and posh, but only 4 rooms, with fancy golden letters, no windows to peek through. You face the door to room B. You fix your hair and knock on the door. You wait a few seconds after a really tall girl with tanned skin, big green eyes and long, straight black hair smiles at you 'Yes?'
  6. Before you could speak, she said 'Oh, you must be our third girl, come in!I'm Emily.' she lets you in a big room with four bunks on either sides and a big wine colored sofa in the middle, and a window behind it.and two doors, probably leading to bathrooms. You notice a few people too. What do you say?
  7. Anyway, you just said 'I'm ____________' Emily introduces you to a guy who's even taller than her, and looks a lot like her 'This is Mark, My brother' 'Hey' he smiles, sitting on the sofa. Next to him, two boys with brown hair, cut emo-ish, and they look like twins. 'You, I'm Oliver, and this is Elliot' the one with freckles said, the other one just nodded. Then on the second bunk on the right, where the boys will sleep, a blond guy with brown eyes just smiles at you, Emily says 'That's Steve' The second door opens, and a very petite girl with long thick curly ginger hair and long narrow grey eyes smiles 'Oh hi, I'm Diamond!' Your thoughts on the boys?
  8. You put your bag onto the third bunk, Diamond tells you that you'll be on the train for 2 nights. You chat to her for a bit until a Girl with short, messy brown hair and brown eyes walks in with a back pack 'Hey, I'm Joe-Lisa, the last girl in, as always' she laughs and puts her bag on the last bunk. What are your thoughts on the girls?
  9. The train starts, you all look out the window.You stay in a tunnel for a while, but then you come out and it's late after noon (actually, it's only half past four), the sky is purple with big fluffy orange clouds. You are on the outskirts of some town, so there's a few houses. You stop looking and chat with everyone. Elliot and Oliver mostly talks about cars, sports and girls from back home. Mark talks mostly about indie rock music, rugby and video games. Steve talks mostly about his friends back home and funny stuff they did together. Who do you talk to the most?
  10. You have dinner after chatting for 2 hours and you all decide to play dare. Emily's the dare master and your last up. After seeing Steve do a funny pole dance, Diamond get tickled till she cried, Mark sing 'I'm a little teapot in the 4th wagon really loud and Elliot and Oliver slow dancing together in Joe-Lisa's underpants and bra (over their clothes), it was your turn. Emily waits a few minutes laughs and says 'Ok _____. I dare you to' ZOMGIT'SANANNOYINGCLIFFHANGER Sorry! Come back for Part 2. ^^

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