A Twisted Love 4

In the fourth of this twisty, knotting tale, you are captured by Chris and his servant, Rick, th new boy commingling into your life. Your suspense is growing . . . And maybe your crush is too.

Do you want to know what happened? Were you on the edge of your seat while you read part 3? If you answered 'yes' to one of these, take this quiz!

Created by: Icewolf

  1. With the purple-blue, perhaps gravity-defying force, you were forced out of the house with a crazy-grinned Chris. Ben muttered something to Viker, and they nodded. You thrashed in the unseen web, feeling like a fly that had been caught by a spider and about to be eaten. Suddenly, Chris takes his wand and says, "Ricardo!" As if reading his mind, a medium heighted boy with blonde hair and blue eyes ran (although it seemed like flew) over. You continued to kick and push, and the boy looks at you with narrowed eyes before turning to Chris. They exchanged words and the boy ---you caught his name in the conversation, which was Rick--- held out a wand and said, "Vacquate Exmonso!" then, still holding his wand at you, he walked out while Chris made different curses and spells, headed towards Ben and Viker.
  2. You writhed in the invisible net, feeling your wolf strength tear at the force, but failing. Out of the corner of you eye you spot a golden and white feather, and a flash of gray fur.
  3. It was so quick, you didn't know whether it was your imagination or really Winter Shine. You heaved a deep breath, then ripped the force with your hands, or maybe claws. There was a tiny tear in it, but it was better than nothing. When Chris and arick weren't looking, you poked your finger through, then forced your hand through, then your arm.
  4. You were suddenly pushed back by a rough force that wasn't Chris's. You heard Viker calling a curse word after Chris. But nothing would help, you thought desperately.
  5. Rick looks at you. You freeze, half penetrated by his intense blue gaze. Then he turns away. You hear a rustle nearby. Winter? Don't come here, you thought desperately to your faithful spirit animal. "They'll catch you too," you tried to say out loud, both to Winter about Chris and to Chris about Viker and Ben. But as your tongue tried to shape the words, you realized you couldn't speak.
  6. After a while, you found yourself in a prison, dark and creaky. "Must've fallen asleep," you muttered to yourself, partly glad that you had your voice in the cell. Winter was nowhere to be seen. Good, you thought. You suddenly heard something. Animal skills helped you with the most of it. "She is not leaving my sight!" Chris's voice. "She's not is your sight now." Was that Rick? "Don't be so technical." Chris's voice. Then it grew softer as he said, "I want her to join me, to feel the goodness of being side-by-side with someone . . ." "I still think you should let her go, you want her to be happy. To be happy, you must be free." You could nearly hear Rick's un spoken words: Not like me. "No," Chris said firmly.
  7. "I'll think of something." Chris's voice again. Then there was silence, and you waited. A while after, Rick came with a meal sent by Chris. You looked at it. It was just normal, everyday soup. But what if he put poison in it . . .? You couldn't bear the scent (your wolf spirit had good senses other than hearing), and finally you ate it. You felt fine. Then, there was a crash . . .
  8. You saw a light, as if someone was holding a flashlight, but different somehow . . . Like it came from a wand. You jumped up. "Ben? Viker?" Of course, you were right. Sometimes, everything was so predictable . . .
  9. "That was early," you said blankly. Then you stood up. Viker muttered a spell under his breath. The door unlocked and he handed you your wand. "Fell when you were taken," was all he said. Ben nodded at Viker and they put a cloak on you, the exact color of the gray stone walls in the prison. There was no light streaming from the open door, and you realized it was nighttime. But just as you were going up the cement stairs to the escape door, a voice said, "Not so fast."
  10. And . . . CLIFFHANGER!

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