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  • I didnt mind that there wasnt alot of story, since this is just the first part-- but I really liked it! good job! i love how you can make things seem so realistic and the part when Cam just pointed out everyones names. Its typical for someone to acts these ways and it just makes everything seem realistic and relatable. Will be looking forward to another part (:

  • I need part two! as much as I hate to admit it, im a bit of a hopeless romantic, but im. . . uh, unique, because I love murder mysteries, so I am usually more likely to be interested if someone is kidnapped, hurt by someone, murdered, etc. hehe, wow, my boyfriend sure did catch a special

  • This seems interesting. I wish you would have included more of the story and not just character descriptions though.

  • Make the story! Make the story! :-D


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