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  • How Easily Annoyed/frustrated/angered Are You?
    [published: Dec 08, 2013, 1 comment]

    Have you ever wondered how easily annoyed you are? Or frustrated? Maybe even……

  • awesome lyrics quiz;)
    [published: Jul 08, 2013]

    hey, what's up? do you think you can get these lyrics and song names right? I made sure to use songs that……

  • The random quiz!
    [published: Feb 18, 2013]

    This is a very random quiz, I just felt that, well, I had been sitting, waiting, for half an hour to 45……

  • 12 minutes in heaven;)
    [published: Feb 16, 2013, 5 comments]

    So, this is a quiz. Yea. Ts a 7 minutes in heaven thing, so, yea. You should try it. I'm so super tired,……

  • Random math quiz
    [published: Feb 15, 2013, 3 comments]

    I wanted to make a quiz to help me with my math exam I have after we get back after the February break. So. . .……

  • Do you think I love him?
    [published: Feb 11, 2013, 9 comments]

    This quiz is to get people's opinions on wether or not I love him, I think I do. . . I just want to now……

  • What were you in a past life?
    [published: Feb 10, 2013, 4 comments]

    Okay, so, two results are very similar, in fact, the only difference is one says now and one says……

  • The School Stuff Quiz
    [published: Feb 09, 2013]

    I know this quiz site is probably from the states, consider it. . . The U.S.A have their own quiz……

  • Can you tell if I'm a girl?
    [published: Feb 06, 2013, 1 comment]

    Am I a dude? Perhaps a girly girl (ick!!!!!) do you know? Can you guess? I hope none of you are……

  • Will he hurt me?
    [published: Feb 06, 2013]

    Okay, so. I lost my best friend last night over email, she is convinced my friend (her enemy) will hurt me, but……

  • Can you read minds?
    [published: Jan 29, 2013]

    This test obviously probably wasn't made the day you take it, so don't worry about marks, I was just messing……

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  • "What do you listen to when you go to sleep? Just curious, trying to find new songs. I'm listening to Taylor swifts 'our song' right now. Als..."

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