awesome lyrics quiz;)

hey, what's up? do you think you can get these lyrics and song names right? I made sure to use songs that I like and happen to know don't play on the radio as often, anymore.

so, can you do it? leave me a comment telling me what you think, and what questions you got wrong, as well as any lyrics I got wrong, please! I did my best

Created by: Inloveandstuff

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  1. weather man said its gonna snow by now I should be used to the _______
  2. I _______ through the wreckage rusted from the rain theres nothing left to salvage no one left to _______
  3. he grew up just a little too fast lost and needs its all in his past (? this part is a little tricky to hear, so this is as close to the lyrics as I could get) I can hear him hummin' from the other side of the room guess hes got rhythm cause he hums every time hes blue ohhh radio bleed me a melody that will make this boy cry radio bleed me a melody that will make him wonder why he was so cold
  4. maybe I need some rehab or maybe just need some sleep I got a sick obsession i'm seeing it in my dreams im lookin down every alley im making us desperate cause (?) im staying up all night hoping hitting my head against the wall
  5. summer has come and past the innocent can never last wake me up when September ends
  6. I set out on a narrow ___ many years ago hoping I would find true ____ along the broken road
  7. this time, this place, misused, mistakes too long, too late who was I to make you _____
  8. whats her name? whats she like? does she know that youll never treat her right? whats her name? whats she like? do you leave her in the middle of the night? you act like you just saw a ghost I watch you getting way too close now I know why youre never there (never there) now I know so its my turn to disappear (disappear)
  9. I am unwritten _____ read my mind im undefined im ______ beginning the pens in my hand ending ________
  10. no body believes me when I tell them that youre out of your mind!

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