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YOU THINK YOU Know the lyrics well test and see if you do you ARE A AWESOME PERSON IN MODERN 2012 MUSIC? I LIKE WAFFLES THEY ARE AWESOME i just saying!!!!

this quix take a few minutes even if your bored take it you have nothing else to do and who does not like music i mean for real everybody listens to it now take this quiz and see how well you know music

Created by: Glynda

  1. Lil Wayne- How to Love... So when you got older seems like?
  2. Just the way you are starts
  3. Today i dont feel like doing anything just gonna lay in my bed....
  4. She will is sung by
  5. Can ___ ____ ___ _______ ____ ______ ____ ____ ___ ___ just put your lips together"
  6. "Im at a _______ _____ ___ _____ ____ all of my shades gone"
  7. Who Said YOLO and In What Song?
  8. Who Sings "CALL ME MAYBE"
  9. Boyfriend?
  10. HOW well did you do???
  11. Waffles or Pancakes??

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