Do you know the lyrics?-2

There are many kinds of music out there, and millions of songs and artist out there for each kind. But people don't usually like all of them. And fewer who can memorize songs of all kinds.

Do you love music of all kinds? Do you think you have a good memory of those songs? Test yourself with the few song lyrics I have here! Do you really think you can get 100% without cheating?

Created by: SecretLie8

  1. Head down As I watch my feet take turns hitting the ground Eyes shut
  2. We drive on and don't look back It doesn't mean we can't learn from our past All the things that we might've done wrong We could've been doing this all along
  3. We don't apologize And that's just the way it is But we can harmonize Even if we sound like s--- Don't try to criticize You b----es better plead the fifth We've been idolized
  4. Everybody told me Everybody told me that this would happen I didn't wanna believe Didn't wanna believe that you were right I was so caught up
  5. I threw a penny in the wishing well And made a wish to meet you girl (ooh) That's why it's no coincidence That you're here in my world
  6. Starships were meant to fly Hands up and touch the sky Can't stop "Ëścause we're so high Let's do this one more time (Oh oh, oh oh)
  7. And I know you're going somewhere to make a better life I hope that you find it on the first try And even though it kills me That you have to go
  8. So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what's left. I know that I can find the fire in your eyes. I'm going all the way, get away, please.
  9. You thought you were standing beside me You were only in my way You're wrong if you think that I'll be just like you
  10. I will not bow I will not break I will shut the world away I will not fall I will not fade
  11. I am not afraid of what they can do to my body Cause it's my heart that lives on I'm not ashamed to face the pain And scream your name, scream your name
  12. Ooo, 305 to my city I get it I get it I get it I get it I swear that I get it I get it I get it We did it we did it We did it we did it We so far from finished
  13. I'm more than just an option (Hey hey hey) Refuse to be forgotten (Hey hey hey) I took a chance with my heart (Hey hey hey) And I feel it taking over
  14. I'd catch a grenade for you (yeah, yeah, yeah) Throw my hand on a blade for you (yeah, yeah, yeah) I'd jump in front of a train for you (yeah, yeah, yeah) You know I'd do anything for you (yeah, yeah, yeah)
  15. So turn away from the ones who hurt everyone I can tell by your smile you're coming undone I could bleed for a smile; could die for a gun
  16. -End- did you cheat?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the lyrics?-2