Fill in the lyrics quiz!

Sooooo you think your a music lyric genius? Well take this quiz to see whether that is true! I think too many people listen to bad music so I wonder if you can get all of these lyrics then you will be amazing.

Do you know your music lyrics? If you think you do then take this quiz to see what score you get! It's all good music that I don't care if you do not like it because then your odd ;)

Created by: Belle123
  1. So take the photographs and still frames ____ _____ _____
  2. When everywhere I look,I see Young girls dying __ __ _____
  3. Another shot of whiskey, can't stop ________ __ ___ _____
  4. Now and then when I see her face,it takes me away to that _______ _____
  5. And we won't be together much longer, Unless we realize that __ ___ ___ ____
  6. You act like the world owes you a favour,You want it all but ___ ____ ____ ___ _____
  7. The ____ may rise in _________ At least it settles in a final location
  8. Don't you worry about the ________ I'm right there if you get ________
  9. I knew that it was __________ Those were the _____ days of my life
  10. ______ you're with me, always around me,Only ____, only ____.
  11. I _____ a cigarette, 'Cause I can't get no _____
  12. I remember every ______ I remember every ______ you _____
  13. You keep on the edge of my ____ I ___________so you don't hear me I wanna ____ every part of you in me
  14. I ____ inside myself and see my _____ is _____
  15. I'm standing in your _____ I do hope you have the _____ I do pick a ______ to I do keep a ______ with you

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