TSL Quiz: Fearless

TSL stands for Taylor Swift Lyrics. And thats what this quiz is all about.

So get ready to fill in the blanks, say true or false, and more! Lets quiz!

Created by: thisismyquiz

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  1. What is the name of the first song of the album?
  2. You take a deep breath an walk through the door its the morning of your very first day. (what song is that from?)
  3. And we know its never simple, never easy, never a clean break, ____________________ (fill in the blank with the correct lyrics)
  4. Once upon a time, I believe it was a Tuesday when I caught your eye, we caught onto something. I hold to the night. (what song is that from?)
  5. What are the opening lyrics to "You belong with me"?
  6. And you can tell me that you're sorry but I don't beleive you baby like I did before (what comes next?)
  7. You take my ____ and drag me headfirst, ______ (fill in the two blanks with the correct lyrics)
  8. All those other girls, well they're beautiful, but would they write a song for you? (guess the song)
  9. Marry me, ____ you'll never have to be alone (whose name goes in the blank? And what song is this from? Answer below).
  10. True or false. These lyrics are from " tell me why". : But I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain
  11. I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairytale, I'm not the one you'll carry, lead her up the stairwell (Whats wrong with those lyrics?)
  12. I took a chance. You took another girl. Are these Tell Me Why lyrics correct?
  13. Don't know why the trees change in the _all (fill in the missing letter)
  14. We'll sing hallelujah (name the song for the last time)

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