{Fearless Part 2}

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  1. Ok first, before we get started: all results will always have quotes for now, life learning quotes..kk?
  2. "Come on in." I finally said. We walked in while Rose (my fav tiger..teehe) came in, as soon as she did, she gave a glance at the others and went back toward the kitchen. "Sorry, Rose is super shy but when you get to meet her, she is so fun to hang with." I explained. We sat down on the couches and looked at them nervously/patiently. "You mean the tiger that just past by? Are you kidding?" The girl (who went to my school) asked, raising her eyebrow that I heard she does sometimes. "Yea, pretty much." "Are you sure." I just wanted to change the subject. "So you guys want any questions?" I asked as I slowly gotten up so I could use one of my powers to light the lights "˜cause from the corner of my eyes I could see the sun setting and painting colors in the sky. "What's your name angel?" Brown hair asked. I gotten used to being called many things like this, is just a lot of people in this world think I'm "beautiful", when I just see a girl who has regular brown eyes, brown hair, a nose and a mouth, I don't see the big deal. "______" I replied, sitting back down on the comfy brown chair. "Well," the girl from school began. "we already thought of the questions so.........first, where are we?" ugh. "We are in my families island next to Hawaii. Don't worry it's invisible to only mortals and the others who don't have permission from me to see. It's magical and protected, so if one of the other people who are in the other side gets the information from an animal, they would either try to break the force field, which is impossible, or just go straight through it." They looked at me, astonishment found in their faces. Then the other girl asked, "Does the animals live here?" now I'm mad, I could easily see the disgust in her face. I could feel the tension and the heat going through my body. "Look first, yes they do and they are my family, so you better respect them. And if you don't like it, then I don't know what to say! So you need to go along with it or let me show you how friendly and lovable they can be and put one of my powers to talk to them upon you ok?" She nodded, understanding. ~she got a point. I'm sorry. I guess I just went to far on my popularity.~ she thought. I relaxed. Now I feel guilty. "I'm sorry, it's not your fault." She looked up, aware now. The other guy asked then, "So, what's your powers?" now that drew my attention. "Well any power that is ever existed actually." "Really? Not 3?" he asked, looking at me in amazement. "Yes, I'm sure, completely." He nodded. "Anymore questions?" They shook their heads, no. MY TURN!! HAHA! Ok ok.... "So, what's your names?" sadly, that's my only question. Brown, eyes says, "My name is Jason, here is " he points to the left, "Mark, and she is" points to the other girl, ", Diana and you all ready know her I guess, " she points to the girl from school, "Kristen."
  3. I looked at them, I smiled and said the last final words everyone for sure wants to hear, "Well, let me show you to your rooms." Me and Poof organized 2 big giant rooms that the boys will stay in and the girls would stay in....but I get my own room! Haha! SUCKERS! Well, not trying to be mean. I showed them to their room and went into my room and took a shower after Poof did and gotten my fluffy PJ's on and went to sleep listening to my IPod, "Good night Poof." "Good night _____."
  4. I woke up with screaming, I moaned, not paying much attention to it. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" "WHO ARE YOU!?" "AHHHHHHHHH!" "OMG!" Now that got me up quickly, I jumped out of bed and slammed the door opened and ran straight to the girls room. I opened it and there was both girls in the corner of the room with Diana using a brush for protection, pointing it to...Fuzbud! "FuzBud!!! Really?!" Fuzbud is the most trouble making animal I EVER met, always pranking on everyone. I know, that Finger monkey is just messed up! And he is looking at me innocently! "I swear that if you don't stop pranking people and animal, I will-....UGH! Just get out of the room, im sorry, but you just got to go easy on these girls, you can only prank on the boys, ok?" ok, ok now I know that wasn't right, but I am a pranker also, but he is the king of it! "Oh all right" he said and walked out of the room. "Was that a MONKEY!" Kristen asked getting out of the corner. "Yea it was, the tiniest monkey ever, is just he is just the king of pranks. Sorry, again." I replied, going deeper into the room, seeing if they were all right. "Is there every animal ever excited in this place, or even INSECTS!?" Diana asked, freaking out. "Diana, calm down, insects are never coming in this mansion, actually they aren't even allowed in here, ok? Just cal-" I walked up to her and touched her forehead, a faint green glow came from my hands to her, giving her my memories/how good and awesome these animals are, and how they are my family. When I pulled away she looked at me, honestly I felt sad. "Sorry, im, just sorry." She looked at me, and I knew she was truly sorry. "It's ok, but what do you think the boys will react to Fuzbud's prank?" I asked smiling. We all smiled, and soon laughed as I shared my thought.
  5. The girls went downstairs with me and served ourselves breakfast. "Do you wonder when will they will wake up with the prank, "˜cause when it takes this long, Fuzbud would have already done it or making up a master prank, which I'm very worried." I thought. "Well, we will just have to see." Kristen said, and we burst out laughing. When we sat down to eat our pancakes the sun was already out and beaming through the windows, making it warm and light inside here. Poof finally flew in and said he will be back in an hour, that he needs to go to get some things, and he flew out. Then Diana finally broke the silence that was forming, "So, when are you going to give me the ability to understand these animals?" now that got me by surprise. "Well, we can do it now, do you want to also Kristen?" "Sure" So I took their hands and gave them it. "Now it will only work when your only one mile in distance with me, ok?" "Sure", "yea, whatever." They replied.
  6. "SH#$! HOLY! BLOODY HE$%!" "Bang! CRASH!" We burst out laughing. "Now, there goes the prank." I said between giggles. Hopefully nothing serious broke that could hurt anyone. Soon, they came running downstairs, "_______!" Jason and Mark yelled at me, looking at us to blame. Ooopsy daisy! "Sorry, but –" I took a breath, I wuz nearly dieing of laughter, all of us did. But Diana finished, "That was Fluzbud, he is the king of pranking and the smallest and most devious monkey. He scared us as well while you guys slept through it. Jason gave us stares and Mark just shook his head, amazed and shamed.
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