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I know part 4 is really late and I’m sorry. I will try to get the next parts out faster. I really hope you like part 4. I finely got pitchers of the guys so YAY!!!

Yumi is cool you asked to be in my quiz so you are :) you also said you didn't care if your good or evil so… what am I doing? I don't want to give everything away :)

Created by: sundaisy

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  1. Recap: you found out that you're a princess and have magic powers and some guy you don't know wants to marry you
  2. You wake up and look at the clock on your bedside table it's 7:18. You lay there for a while thanking about everything that happen. After a few minutes you get up and take a shower and brush your hair and your teeth etc. Then go to your big walk in closet and put on
  3. You go downstairs and into the kitchen. Derek, Justin, and Ethan are sitting at the table and Brandon is cooking. They all say good morning and you sit next to whoever you want. “So what are we going to do today?” you ask as Brandon gives everyone a plate of French toast and sausage. “We are going to start training” Justin says “do you know what my powers are?” you ask “yes” says Ethan taking a bite of his French toast. “Well what are they?” you ask “Elemental earth and water, Snaps, Premontions, Light, and Illusions” says Brandon “Derek will teach you earth. Ethan will teach you Light and water. Justin will teach you Snaps. And I will teach you Illusions” “what about Premontions?” you ask “Premontions are visions of the past or future, brought on by touch, sight or sound. And it's something that comes naturally” Justin tells you. “When will training start?” you ask “after breakfast”
  4. After breakfast you go outside on the porch to train with Justin. “What is snaps?” you ask “At the snap of your fingers you can repair broken objects or clean a room. Kind of like Mary Poppins but no singing” Justin tells you sitting on the porch swing “ok” you say sitting next to him (if you don't like him you sit in a chair). Justin takes some paper out of his pocket and crumples it up into a ball than throws it into the yard. “You need to imagine the paper going in the trash can. Than snap your fingers” Justin tells you. You do as he says and nothing happens. “Try again” Justin tells you. You try 13 more times but still nothing happens. You're getting frustrated now. You close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine the crumpled paper ball flying through the air and landing in the trash can. Everything was quiet. You snap your fingers and then you herd Justin yell “YOU DID IT!!!!!” You open your eyes just in time to see the paper ball falling into the trash can. You did that 7 more times. Than Justin starts moving things around and you made them go back to their places. Soon an hour passed and your training with Justin was over. “You learn really fast _______” Justin tells you “Thanks” you say. Justin looks into your eyes and you look into his. His blue eyes sparkle in the sun light. He starts to lean in when Brandon opens the door “hey. How's it going out here?” “We just finish” Justin says, you can hear a little bit of annoyance in his voice. “Ok I will teach _______ Illusions” Brandon says “yeah ok” Justin says going inside
  5. “With Illusions you can trick someone into thinking there somewhere else or someone else and you can change your own appearance while you're working the illusion” Brandon says sitting down in a chair “cool. How do I do it?” “Concentrate on me. And picture me as someone else” Brandon tells you. You do what he said. After a few minutes he gets a weird confused look on his face then he smiles “Good job _______ you did it”. You trained until you could do Illusions with no problem. “That's it for your Illusions training. I'll go get Ethan. He will teach you Light and water” Brandon says going inside. Soon Ethan comes out “come on _______” he says heading to the pond.
  6. Ethan sits down by the pond and you sit across from him. “Let's start with water. Try to make some waves in the pond”. It takes you five minutes but you make some small waves. You try to make the waves bigger and you do “good job _______” Ethan says smiling. You get an idea. You make a big wave and splash Ethan “hey!” he says annoyed while you laugh “you think this is funny?” he ask “yes” you say still laughing “well than you'll think this is hilarious” he says picking you up “Don't you dare!” you say. He throws you into the pond. Instead of going to the surface you stay under the water. You can hear Ethan calling your name, than you hear a splash. Ethan dived into the pond. With his back to you, you swim to the surface and sit at the edge of the pond. Soon his head comes out of the water “_______? _______?!” “Hello” you say. Ethan turns around and sees you siting at the edge of the pond “what the heck” he says half annoyed half relieved “what?” you ask innocently. He swims to you. “Are you going to teach me light?” you ask as he sits next to you “uh yeah. Light is pretty easy just hold out your hand and think of something happy” he says tilting his head to the right and hitting his left ear, trying to get water out of his right ear. You do as he says and soon a ball of light is on the palm of your hand. “Good job” Ethan says.
  7. You hear someone walking up to you. You turn around to see Derek. “Done with water and light training?” he asks “yup. See you later” Ethan says getting up and going to the mansion. “With earth you got to relax” Derek tells you siting down in the green grass “Close your eyes and take deep breaths” You do as he says. “Are you relaxed?” he asks you after a while. You nod your head. “Keep your eyes closed and hold out your hand” you hold out your hand and feel something small and light fall into the palm of your hand. “Now imagine a seed slowly growing into a rose”. You imagine a seed slowly growing and blossoming into a red rose. The thing in your hand feels warm and soon you feel something bigger in its place. “Ok open your eyes” Derek tells you. You open your eyes and see a red rose just like the one you imagined in your hand. “Try again this time with your eyes open” Derek says taking the red rose out of your hand and putting a seed in its place. You do the same as you did last time but imagine a blue rose. And soon the seed becomes warm and you watch as it grows into a blue rose. After 18 minutes of training you hear something in the forest. You look at the forest and so does Derek. “What was that?” you ask “I don't kn-“ he was cut off by a scream. “_______ Stay here” Derek tells you as he runs into the forest. You wait 5 minutes and he still isn't back. You go in the forest to try and find him. No sunlight shines into the forest because of the tall trees blocking out all light. Soon you come to a small clearing where some light shines in and lying in the light is Derek's bloody unmoving body. “DEREK!!!” you yell running to him. You kneel down beside him. He's not breathing. “He's dead” someone says behind you. You turn around and see CLIFFHANGER!!!!!
  8. Just kidding. I'm not going to put a cliffhanger there :)
  9. (ok Yumi is cool this is where you come in) you turn around and see a girl about your age, she has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and she is wearing a navy cloak. “Who are you?” you ask “I'm Yumi” she says walking towards you “what happen to Derek?” you ask “we had a…. Disagreement” You hear something behind you. You look over your shoulder and see a guy in a black cloak. Before you could do anything he gave you a shot on the arm and you black out. “_______? _______?” you wake up on a wooden bed in a dungeon. “_______!” you look over to see who's calling your name. And it's CLIFFHANGER!!!!!
  10. Sorry this was so late I had trouble deciding how to do all the training stuff anyway I'm going to try to get the next parts out faster
  11. Also Yumi is cool I didn't know what you look like so if you want to look different let me know and I will change how you look in part 5
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