Giving Love A Shot Part 11

Wow! ._. This is REALLY fast for me! Only a couple days I think. So, just wanted to say a VERY special thanks/give a HUGE shout out to my best friend, who has really helped and supported me sooo much throughout making these (look at parting words of last part if you have no clue what I'm talking about). She's on here and it's Adela21. Thanks Adela! :) Check out her new story which is Forever Sailing. :)

So guess what! I got really bored (like REALLY bored) so I decided to have a mini contest! :D Sorry, but no you won't be in the series. :( *Crowd "awwww"s* BUT, *Crowd perks up* you will get to save ONE character for one part if you win. *Crowd cheers* If that makes no sense, this is what I mean: I've killed my characters recently. :O So, if you win, you get to save one character from dying! Well, at least for part 12 >:) I'll make an announcement quiz so look out for that. If no one wins, it's no biggie.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. At 8:15 I was VERY impatient. I downloaded an air horn app on my iPod and chose the vuvuzela horn. Turning the volume as high as it would go, I pressed the horn and walked intot the guy's rooms. By 8:20 they were all up. Not happy, but awake. :3
  2. "Ready?" I asked. They all moaned or muttered, so I took it as a yes. None of us had any idea where we were going. The radio came on again. This time it gave us a hint to his location. ". . .sightseeing. . . will lead you to. . . him. . . we will give you. . . more. . . hints. . . as you progress." there was static then the radio turned off as Blackout by Breathe Carolina came on.
  3. "Where do you want to start?" Alex asked. "I think we should go back to that park and Big Ben to mourn Caleb and Isis. I dunno, I just think it would be right" I suggested. I wasn't completely sure of my feelings, but I knew it would be respectful and we needed to do it.
  4. They all agreed more or less. We went to the park first. With some flowers. Right near a tree was where he died, so that's where we lay the flowers. We were silent for a moment and remembered him. Even if we barely knew him. I closed my eyes and put my head down slightly. When I picked my head back up, I swear, SWEAR, I saw his face in the tree. Right where a small cut was. I moved foward, squinting. The area around the slit was surrounded in blood. I zoned out as I remembered the sword going through Caleb. -He died here. . .- I thought. -The sword must've gone through him and his blood and sword went into the tree- I continued, horrified and filled with a new wave of sorrow. I turned and saw Matt reach out for my arm. "I was going to ask if you were okay. . ." he said nervously, pulling his hand back. I hugged him and sobbed. Everyone else had already gone to the center of the park where some benches were. I focused on Sarah for some reason. She was sitting next to Danny. He was smiling and, and, LAUGHING. I've NEVER seen him looked exactly thrilled. I stopped crying and smiled, pulling away from the hug. -It's nice that some people can find happiness in this hell of a quest- I thought.
  5. What happened next REALLY surprised me. It was as if I got hit in the head with a brick by my best friend! :O Being hit with a brick is one thing, but by your best friend is even BIGGER! :O Danny leaded over and kissed Sarah. It was soo sweet, yet it was shocking.
  6. They held it for a minute, then pulled back and hugged. I smiled, yet I was close to tears again. -I want to be that happy someday- I thought. I walked over to everyone else and said, "C'mon. We gotta get more flowers and head over to Big Ben" my voice cracked when I said Ben, but I doubt it was noticable. -I can't believe I'm starting to get feelings for him, he's my best friend. . .- I thought.
  7. We bought some more flowers and brought them to Big Ben. They were irises. I thought she would like that. We left them at the bottom of the tower where she fell to her unexpected death. We went through the same process we did at the park. Yet again, when I opened my eyes, I looked up to see the time. This time I stepped back in surprise. I saw Isis's face in the clock face! :O I blinked and looked again. Her face was still there, winked, then disappeared! "Did you guys ever go in?" I asked, still bewildered. "No." Lucy answered. "Let's go see the inside" I said blankly.
  8. We "paid" for the ten of us. Now when I say "paid", I mean Alex convinced the ticket clerk to give us free ones. About halfway through the tour, the guide stopped short and started gagging. Eventually, he collapsed! :O
  9. Mitchelle bent over to help, "Are you alright?" she asked, panicked. He let out a final choking sound and went silent. His eyes glowed red. Like a robot, not just the irises, but his entire eye!
  10. In a raspy, dry voice, the guide said, "Nikki Minaj. . ." a pause. "Hit song. . . combine with powers of the young lover. . . to find. . . the other girl's. . . significant other. . ." he gasped and fell back. His eyes slowly turned back to the normal hazel they were. Mitchelle offered him a hand and he got up. "So sorry chaps. Shall we continue the tour?" he asked in his normal voice. With the same English accent it had before the. . .that. . . episode. We all nodded and continued the tour.

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