Giving Love A Shot Part 9

Hey, welcome back! I think I got this part out fairly quickly for me. xD So please comment, let me know what you think and etc. I put a somewhat dramatic ending! :O

Continuing the idea previously stated, I put a dramatic-ish ending. Tell me what you think about it! :) You just might be right! :O Also, if you use the forums, I'm thinking about writing a book (not on this, but a different subject). I'd like to know what you think about my book idea. Well, more I wanna know if you think it's not too much like other books.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Sarah, Mitchelle, and I got there first. Unfortunatly, that meant we saw Iris's death.
  2. I felt as if it happened in slow motion, but it only took a few seconds. Iris was about to snap a picture when an invisble force pushed her back from the exact spot the sword went into Caleb. She fell back just her phone's camera went off. She hit the ground right when I finished running towards her. Probably the scariest part about her death face was her eyes were still staring, horrified, never knowing the cause of her death. This time, I did have time to cry. We were too late to save her. Ben, Matt, and Danny came as we started crying.
  3. "Woah, what's happening?" Lucy asked. I quickly explained seeing Caleb's death and since he and Iris had the life link or whatever, we tried to get here to save her. Pretty soon all the girls were crying. "I guess that's part one of the prophecy" Alex said while hugging Claire. Matt came over to me and gave me a hug and rubbed my back (in a nice way like most friends do when you're crying). It was a little odd because we just met, but I would take a shoulder to cry on from anyone. I stopped crying about five minutes later. Sniffling I said "And we're in London, so that's part two of the prophecy". "Now we have to face Sean. . ." Kyle started. "And more of us have to die" Sarah finished.
  4. I looked down at Iris body to see that it wasn't there. Well it was there, but it wasn't anymore. She litteraly blew away. It was like she turned into dust. Like a past memory being swept away in the wind.
  5. We went back to the hotel for lunch, where we ate in akward silence. Well, not completely we all kinda had a. . .partner? We each talked to someone. Alex with Calire, Kyle with Mitchelle, Ben with Sarah, Matt with Lucy, and Danny with me. -Of course I have to talk to the shy one. Me, the worst conversation starter ever- I thought rolling my eyes.
  6. "Umm, hi" I tried to start the conversation. "Hi" he responed quietly. "So. . . you don't have powers. Kinda sucks for you, huh?". "Yeah it does." he replied. -Not much of a talker, huh?- I thought.
  7. "What's your power?" he asked me. I was a little surprised. HE was asking ME a question for once. I stammered a bit, but replied "I-I-I don't know. No one does". "Hmmm" he said. He added "I saw you fight those guys. I think your power is fighting". I droped my fork. I realized he was probably right. I had never, EVER had any past self defence or fighting classes and yet I left that fight unscathed. The rest of them have been rasied knowing about the magic world and their powers. They probably had some magical training. I had nothing. I drank some water.
  8. "So is learning spells a power or just something anyone can do?" I asked to break the silence. "Anyone can do it. But most people that have powers find scorcery. . .uneeded." he expalined. "Oh". I finished eating and gave some scraps to Mr. Cuddlepants. I then sat on the couch. Soon everyone else finished as well.
  9. Matt sat next to me. -I haven't talked to him much either- I thought. -Greeeeaaaat. -_- Why am I getting all the people I don't know today?!- I continued. "Hi" he said to me. "H-hi" I stuttered. We sat in silence for a few minutes. "So. . ." he attempted to start a conversation. 'So' I was going to respond. I only got out "S-" before, BOOM!
  10. The lights went out. "Anyone got powers to help with this?" I heard Ben ask.

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