Giving Love A Shot Part 23

Hey guys. I was planning on getting this out Sunday, but I got sick. :I I was at question 7 by then, but Monday I had a track meet and then I got sick with strep throat and an eye inffection. :P Sorry.

So, this is wrapping up. The last part I think is going to be part 25 then some random quizzes then Try To Trust! You guys excited?! :D Don't forget part 25 will be a contest and depending on your score you could be in TTT. All you have to do to enter is. . . (finished in ending box)

Created by: Teresa22
  1. I walked towards Ben. I just now noticed he was wearing tuxedo pants and dress shoes, but his white button up shirt was rolled to his elbows. He was also wearing a black tie and holding the tuxedo jacket. He looked up at me and smiled. "You look amazing" he said with a look of pure admirement in his eyes. I gasped at looked at myself.
  2. I was wearing a white dress and if I wasn't 100% aware there was a war going on somewhere away from this enchanting world, I would think it was my wedding. It had a strapless sweetheart neckline with a bodess that flattered my figure. It was covered with intricate threads that caused the dress to shimmer, just slightly, in the light. It looked whimsical and matched my grandmother's necklace perfectly. The skirt had a huge poof, yet it still looked great. Even a complete tomboy dress hater would've thought the dress was beautiful. It covered my shoes, but I hiked it up slightly to see my shoes. They were glass heels. Like the ones from Cinderella. I smiled to myself. —That's right Cindy, be jealous— My toes were perfectly pedicured with an elegant rainbow fading from red near my foot to purple at the end of the nail. I looked at my hands. On my left was a think, delicate, silver braclet with beautiful, gold writting on it. It was barely ledible because of the curves in the writting and the small surface, but I vould just make it out. "_________, I love you. . ." it read. I teared up. I knew I was wearing makeup. It was light, but I knew. I reached up and felt my hair. I could tell it was in an extravagant bun and my nail had a manicure and had French tips. Ben held my hand, slowly and I snapped out of my trance from admiring myself. Glancing at my dress one more time— for now— I decided that I probably looked the best I ever had, or ever will in my entire life.
  3. He lead me to a bench near a clear pond and we sat. I got a look at my makeup. I had a natural, yet sexy smoky eye with eyeliner that made my eyes look wider and a vivid red lipstick shade. My blush gave me the perfect rossy glow and my eyebrows had the perfect arch. I had sparkling chandelier-like earings that looked as if they had diamonds in them. Ben put his arm around me and whispered in my ear, "You look beautiful and you know it" and then he kissed me after turning my head to him.
  4. After he pulled back I commented, "You look great yourself." and smiled. He smiled back and my heart melted. I then remembered where I was— or where I had an idea of being. "Where are we?" I asked, straighting up as a breeze passed. I shuddered and Ben placed his coat on my shoulders. I smiled and thanked him. This place was so romantic, yet I couldn't shake that something was seriously wrong. "Where do you think we are?" he asked with a hint of mischief in his tone. I thought for a moment, not exactly sure how to answer this question. "I don't want to play games. Please jsut tell me where we are." I glanced towards my braclet again. "If you really love me you'd tell me" I let out in a rush.
  5. He was a little taken aback and gave me a little space. With a sigh he turned to face me again. "This is my dreams" I opened my mouth to ask a question, but he held up a finger to stop me. "As messed up as this may seem, this isn't actually what I dream about. See, my mom told me about this, but I never knew the extent of it. As you know, my family is the part of mind control that has it all. Telepathy, persuasion, et cetera. Apparently there's this one thing that first happens when your life is in danger. It's called Dream Haven. This is the first time I've ever been in danger, really, for my life. I was touching you so you came as well. What happens is it puts you in the most peaceful place you can think of. I could do it again, now that it's happened once." I looked at my beautiful dress again and he spoke again. "Ah, the outfits. The dream world also cleanses not only your mind, but your boyd and clothes. Apparently a wedding dress in your case is the most pure thing you can be in. It's all about purity and safety." he explained. I sat there, shocked.
  6. I pelted him with questions. "How do we get back? Can we get hurt? Wh—" "One at a time, ________!" he exagerated. "We can get back. I'm just not exactly sure how. The first time I think it's until the threat is gone, but don't worry, anything you need will appear if you ask. And this world is extremely complex. No one in the real world can see us, but we're still there. We're safe." "How do we get back?! We can't let the others fight this alone!" I exclaimed, now standing. He stood with me and embraced me in a hug. "Calm down" he said. But it wasn't harsh, he wasn't mad, but he was concerned. I let out a deep breath and sat again, as did he. "The only thing I can think of is if we will ourselves to get back. That's how to get out when you come by will, but maybe we just have to convince ourselves we're not in danger." I thought this through. "Okay" I said with a nod. "Let's try this, together." He nodded and took my hand. We looked each other in the eyes, it was the easiest way for me to feel safe, and everything went silent.
  7. In no time the guys at the hotel were at the barn. The battle seemed dead. They could hear Sean barking orders at his allies, but from their side, nothing.
  8. Grace cautiously hoped out of the van and walked towards the barn, carful to drop when the enemy was near. Alex was the next to follow her. Soon they all made it to the barn where the saw Mitchelle and made a plan. "So. . . any ideas?" Lucy asked. "Um, where's Ben and ________?" Claire suddenly noticed. Mitchy shook her head. "They were gone when I got back. All we can do is hope they're alright." she whispered glumly. They agreed. "I say we fight while we can and just do our best. We all knew this was coming and on short notice. We just have to deal with what we have." Kyle reasoned. Lucy took something off her right hand, a ring, and handed it to Matt. "No offense, but other than prophecy and spells, you're useless running into battle. At least this way you won't be seen" she said with a small smile. Matt accepted it and returned the smile. "Ok, so we ready?" Alex asked, a little nervous himself. They nodded and after a minute they were ready. "Oh, and Matt?" Lucy said before taking their spots to begin the battle. "Yeah?" he asked, confused. "If anything happens to me. . ." she paused, "keep the ring. Give it to someone you trust, just. I want it to be able to be used, I don't want it if I die." she choked out. A tear dropped down her eye and Matt wiped it and smiled. "I will" he promised. And with that they prepared to ambush.
  9. They had nothing to do, but wait for the perfect opertunity to strike.
  10. Sean finally calmed down enough to realize he was wasting his energy. "They be here" he plotted to himself. "And when they show their faces, I'll have the power to complete my prophecy." With a pause he turned to face the moon. —Only one fighter will win. And if you don't show up, be sure I will still kill your friends.— he thought with a look of pure confidence. . . and madness.

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