Giving Love A Shot Part 19

Hi! You're gonna have to keep up the patience because. . . TRACK IS BACK! It's everyday after school and there's homework. :/ So thanks for coming back and please, please, comment! I love your opinions!

If you guys are like the kids at my school, you've probably heard of the Hunger Games. Seeing the movie? Premiered today in my town. I'm the only one in my school that hasn't read it.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. Ben screamed. It was like a football scream and people came out of their appartments to stare at him. They started screaming as well. Lying on the ground before him was a red headded girl with a red boquet of roses.
  2. The police were called. It turns out the girl wasn't Claire. "From the girl's appearance, I believe this is young Kathryn Dannica Odair. She's often mistaken for other red headders. Not many locals here dye their hair, untraditional of course" a short officer with sandy, ginger hair and a thick mustache explained. He had a slight accent that sounded. . . Russian. —Odd for London.— Ben thought. The body was turned over and there was a slight, subtle red mark running from under her chin, to down past where he could see. But it only looked as if she had scratched her skin. There's no way just THAT could have made the girl bleed to death. Another officer came and picked up the boquet, the one with red roses, the last item she held before death. It was dripping. "What the bloody hell?" the officer added some more choice words, this one had a thick ENGLISH accent. —Bloody. . .— Ben thought. He froze in shock. —BLOODY.— he realize. —She was murdered, those roses were white, that scratch? The work of an enchanted dagger.— he thought, smiling to himself. He walked a little closer to look at the girl. Ben was at the edge of the police tape, careful not to cross. Don't want to be suspicious. He looked at the girl's face again. So young, innocent, even kinda cute. But, plain, in shock. So why would a magic assasin go after, well to put it plainly, a mortal? —Okay Katie, we know you were murdered, we know it had to do with magic, we know the police won't figure it out, but why?— he reasoned.
  3. He walked away from the scene, it was just too much. He sighed and continued to look for the girls. Focusing on the ground, thinking about the girl's death, he walked smack into a lightpost.
  4. Walking back to the cafe, I couldn't stop thinking about Danny and Sarah. It was so sad, but at least they died together. They walked past a post office and saw Ben. On the ground. Because he walked into a lightpost. "Need help?" I asked, offering him a hand. He took it, a little embarassed and brushed himself off. I giggled and hugged him, trying to hide the news about Sarah and Danny. At least until we were all together.
  5. Ben hugged __________ back. The hug was a little akward though. He was happy to see her, but that girl. . . her murder, it was just too much to think about. He kissed the corner of _______'s mouth, a trick his younger cousin had tought him to get them interested, and smiled.
  6. I smiled, but tryed to pout. It was really hard around Ben. He's so irresistable! :3 Not many girls had ever found him "hot" or "cute" in school, but that's only because they were too shallow to see his true amazingness. "That's all?" I asked. He smirked and sighed. "Well, you could always bite the bullet. . ." he suggested. I grinned and kissed him on the lips, first kiss making a noise to embarass him, a huge MWAH! Then the second time, I kissed him deeply, not too long, but still emotional.
  7. Alex and Claire had a nice little reunion. "C'mon, let's just go back to the hotel" Alex said soothingly. Claire wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and sniffed. Smiling she added, "Yeah" quietly.
  8. "This beach is nice" Grace admitted, adding another coat of sunscreen on her arms. —Too bad it's so hot and sunny though. :I— she added in her head. —At least I'm with Matt~— she decided. "Yeah it is. Weather's beautiful" Matt agreed. —Stupid,stupid,stupid! You're at a beach with a beautiful woman, that you're 95% sure is the love of your life and you want to marry. And you decide to talk about the WEATHER?!— he slapped himself in his mind. "Didn't know London had beaches" Grace said, trying to keep the convo alive. —Matt has really nice abbs~~~ :3— she thought, smiling to herself. She herself was wearing a multicolored tankini. It was splattered with random colors and many people would find it weird, but whatever. It was unique and she loved it. Matt was wearing cargo shorts. ._. Same thing he wore to Big Ben. He was getting a really hot tan.
  9. They hadn't seen anyone in their group since Alex and Claire. They got their hair dyed. Alex's hair became more like Matt's and Claire got hers redyed. Grace got the tips of her hair dyed blue and Matt's hair was dyed a dark brown/black color. After they parted with Alex and Claire, they went to a glasses shop. Grace had, clumsily, ripped her contact and Matt got clear ones. His eyes were actually a dark coffee brown. The green were really just colored contacts. Just before their first kiss at the top of Big Ben, he took his contacts out and she suggested he let his naturally gorgous eyes shine.
  10. On the way back to the hotel, we were attacked. It was Sean. Sean himself. He came after us and he had about ten allies with him. We decided the best method was to run away from town, away from people, the less chance of harming a mortal. Mitchy led us to an abandoned farm area, the perfect place for a fight.

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