Giving Love A Shot Part 14

Hiya. Sorry it's been a while, but I've been busy. :/ WARNING! This part is kinda akward. Also, I wanna know who your favorite guy is and why because I don't want to piss you guys off. :/

Anyways, I took the time to look through my old parts' comments. I realized that Caleb and Isis never had funerals. One reason is: Their bodies were blown away like sand. :/ I'm sorry if this upset you guys, but SPOILER ALERT I AM going to have another little scene with the twins. ;)

Created by: Teresa22

  1. We broke away and we were all exhausted. The rooms were odd. It was a fancy hotel that looked more like a one story house. There were 5 bedrooms. The akward thing was, there was only 5 queen sized bed as well. . .
  2. "Errrm. . ." Danny started akwardly. "So, do you guys wanna go just pick a partner? Or guy with girl or same sex?" he asked. :O Akwardest question ever recieved. I thought. Well, sleeping with a girl in the same bed would be kinda akward. But then there was sleeping with a guy. . . Tough choice. Followed by more akward silence.
  3. Claire was the first to break the very, very, very, very, very, VERY, akward silence. "I'll go with Alex. . ." she whispered. Okay. AKWARD! BUT, we had a decision made. Since the only other dating couple was Danny and Sarah, they had it easy. -.-' Akward city for the rest of us.
  4. No one else started picking, I dug through my pocket for a coin. I dug out a quarter after a few seconds. Either girls or guys gotta pick. They seemed to understand without me saying anything. "Call it" I said dully. Grace was the first to call after the coin left my fingers. "Heads" she said quickly.
  5. The coin hit the floor with a clink, then started to roll. After a few seconds, it fell over with another clink. We all went over to observe. All the guys started going "GAHHH!" and "URGH!" for the coin, was on heads. ;)
  6. After some arguing, the guys put Kyle on the spot. "Uhm. . . errr. . . Lucy" he forced out. I nodded to myself. Made sense. They're family friends so it shouldn't be as akward as it would for the rest of us. Lucy shrugged and nodded. "Not the worst" she reasoned. Matt was the next forced into the akward spotlight. "Grace." he decided quickly. His voice cracked and was a little high. Which left Ben. "I'll go with _________" he whispered, looking at his feet. I blushed slightly. "I'll sleep on the couch, no problem" Mitchelle assured us. More silence. "So that's settled?" I asked putting my hands together. There were 'yep's and 'okay's and even one 'thank gof that's finally over!' :D
  7. We all said goodnight and made sure Mitchelle was okay with sleeping on the couch. She seemed a little too happy to take the couch. I think she was relieved. ;D "NO! Uh. . . no, no. I'm fine. You guys have fu- UH! I-I meant. . . eh. Goodnight." she stuttered and walked into the bathroom. I could hear her come out after we all went to ur rooms though. It was a nice hotel. Decent size bed, comfy, cozy. :3 -Wow, I have to go to this hotel when I get married and go on my honeymoon- I thought and instantly regreted. Ben looked over and smiled. "When do you think THAT'S gonna happen?" he asked. I blushed and mumbled, "It will eventually. . ."
  8. He chuckled softly. Then he whispered with a hint of sadness in his tone, "I know it will. . ."
  9. I showered, brushed my teeth and hair, etc. bedtime stuff. :3 When I got back to the room, Ben was staring out of the window. I silently slided over. "You okay?" I asked as he jumped a bit. He looked at me his eyes wide, but they turned normal after he got over his surprise. "Yeah. . ." he muttered. "You sure?" I asked, concern in my voice. He paused for a moment then nodded. "Yeah, fine" he said blankly. "Alright. . ." I whispered and walked away. I wasn't sure how this was gonna work out, but I lay down on the bed and sighed. I was facing away from him and started to doze off.
  10. After about ten minutes, I heard Ben come over next to me. I felt his breathing near my neck. He smelled nice. x3 He put his arm around mine gently and pulled himself closer. I smiled and fell asleep.

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