Giving Love A Shot - The Envelope Please. . .

Hey, so sorry if this contest ended early, but I got really bored and wanted to work on this! Yes, there IS a winner this time! :) Thanks to anyone who participated and took these quizzes :)

Don't forget, I've been killing my characters lately, so the prize is saving one character from death! :O In part 12. Just curious, I wanna know YOU'RE favorite and least favorite guy names. Tell me in the comments! :)

Created by: Teresa22
  1. I'm so sorry if you didn't get a chance to enter the contest! :(
  2. But I got soooo bored and really wanted to make more.
  3. So, ONE person entered my original contest.
  4. It was Adela21. Her answer was "Til the break of dawn, yeah. Party on my lawn. Whistle as the girls walk by *whistle*"
  5. Other people who participated in the SECOND contest were: Angelic4, _ViolaLover_, and Paws29.
  6. So, the right answer for the FIRST contest was actually a big part. I love this part of the song: Bought out the bar, JUST to feel like I'm a star, now I'm thanking the academy. Missed my ride home, lost my iPhone, I wouldn't have it any other way. If you're with me let me hear you say: I like it like that! Hey windows down, chillin' with the radio on.
  7. The SECOND contest, as I said, had a lot of answers. All of you guys choose the name of a character. Why would I use a name I hate in my series? o_O That makes no sense.
  8. The right answer was Josh. I don't know why. I just never really liked the name and knowing someone REALLY annoying named Josh doesn't make me like the name any more.
  9. Little confession, I never really had a favorite guy name until I met a guy with this name.
  10. This school year I met a guy named Ben and he's really nice. We're like best friends now. I never realized I like the name Ben until I met him. So, that's my favorite name.
  11. Now FINALLY, two contests later, here's the winner. . . *Is handed envelope*

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