Giving Love A Shot - And The Winner Is. . .

Hey there. Just gonna tell you what's going on. No one entered the contest, so no one won. I'm giving you guys a new question in the results. Whoever answers right gets to save one character (anyone) from death in part 12! :O

I'll make a new announcement quiz after I get an answer, but if no one enters this either, I'm just continuing the series. Good luck and thanks for taking this.

Created by: Teresa22

  1. So, you guys know there might not be a winner right?
  2. Remeber, the winner gets to save one character from death! :O (At least for part 12 >:D)
  3. So, to tell the truth, no one entered the contest -.-
  4. Which means. . .
  5. I'm gonna give you a new question at the end of this quiz/announcement.
  6. Until then, random statements/questions.
  7. I start a lot of things with "so" or "just" don't I? :(
  8. Who's your favorite character?
  9. Continuing last question. Who's your favorite girl character.
  10. Now you may be asking, "Why did you put the main character under the question with guy answers and the one with girl answers?" This is because, you're the main character! :D Most important should be under both questions, dur.
  11. Okay, so here is your new question. . .

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