Giving Love A Shot Part 8

Hey! Welcome back, long time no see! So I was busy with school, writter's block, etc. I've noticed I don't have many takers anymore, but that's fine. Thanks to those of you that have stayed.

I'm sorry these are so short, but I promise they will (in my opinion) get better! Please leave comments, tell me what you think, be patient if I take a long time to make another quiz, and keep taking my quizzes! Oh, and happy late holidays!

Created by: Teresa22
  1. Soon, everyone was up and ready to go. We all agreed that we should decide where we were supposed to go first. As they were discussing the prophecy, I fingered my necklace. Then it hit me.
  2. "London" I said softly. Everyone stared at me. I snapped out of it and explained. "Mia said 'You will be lead to the place you were trying to avoid' or whatever right? When my gradma was talking to me, she said 'Avoid London'. Doesn't it make sense?". I looked to Ben. He saw/heard what I did when it happened, he would vouch for me. "She's right" he said as if he were unsure about supporting me. Slowly everyone else started nodding and we agreed to go to London. We all got in the car to drive to the airport.
  3. It seemed like a simple idea. The plane ride was a blur. We got first class seats again and I fell asleep.
  4. Since we had no idea what to do first, we found a hotel and went site seeing. We split up into groups. Alex, Claire, Kyle, Lucy, and Iris went to the Big Ben. Me, Ben, Caleb, Matt, Danny, Mitchelle, and Sarah went to a nice little park. It wasn't a famous park, but it was nice and very empty except for us. There were tons of beautiful flowers and a adorable fountain in the center of the park.
  5. That was the first time we got attacked.
  6. There were five men. None of them looked like they fit in London. They looked to me more like New Yorkers, or at least city people. They all had hoodies, baggy pants at their thighs, DC hats, and huge sun glasses. They would've fit in a city perfectly except for their weapons. They had swords, nunchucks, and other weapons that a ninja would use. I was very surprised no one noticed how strange they were. Then I remembered, the magic world hides from the mortal. Mortals might have seen their strange outfits, but not their weapons.
  7. They split up and went after us. They were outnumbered, we were probably outmatched. -_- Great. I've never physically fought before, but there's a first time for everything. I jumped and kicked at one coming towards me. I hit him right in the chest, knocking the wind out of him, and causing him to stuble backwards. -Hopefully that begginer's luck will last a second time- I thought while smiling. I looked around for someone who needed help. My eyes landed on Caleb. We made eye contact right as a city ninja drove a sword into Caleb's chest.
  8. I wish I didn't make eye contact. His death face was horrible to look at. Not because he's ugly, he's actually kinda cute, but becuase it was a mix of astonishment, fear, cry for help, everything depressing. He kept eye contact with me until he gasped and fell to the ground. I stood there in shock until the city ninja that killed Caleb looked at me and smiled. A cruel smile and chraged at me with the blood covered sword. I was suddenly filled with rage and I charged towards him.
  9. As he swung the sword, I ducked and punched his face. I heard a crack and it wasn't me! :D He doubled over and dropped his sword. I kicked the right (my right) of his head causing him to fall limp and stop moving. He was still breathing so I rushed to Caleb. He was still letting out a few staggered breaths. "Find. . . Iris. . ." he let out in barely a whisper. Then he gasped again and closed his eyes.
  10. I didn't have time to cry. I looked and saw that everyone else was done fighting. "Iris. . ." I said my voice cracking. We all ran to the Big Ben (which was only a few blocks away from the nice park). We were too late.

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