Giving Love A Shot Part 13

Welcome back :) So I was thinking this series might go to around 15 to 20. I think I'm almost done. Sorry if this party is to lovey/fast/short. :/ As always, let me know what you think.

I'm still wondering whether I should make another series and what to call it if I do. I was thinking maybe a continuation of this kinda. Like a book series. :)

Created by: Teresa22

  1. I turned to Matt. "Thanks" I said softly. He shrugged. "No biggie" he said blandly. The girl flew toward us with a sword. -God, how many weapons does this chick carry on her? -.- - I thought. We all split up. Most of us ran to the building to try and find Ben, only Matt stood there ready to fight her. Everyone besides me and Matt were inside. I decided to help the fight.
  2. As I ran over, I saw the girl had stopped moving. Matt had frozen her. Since it was finally light out, I saw more than just the girl's hair. She was pale. With blue/green eyes and had a birth mark or something on her forehead in the right top corner. My right, her left. I took the sword out of her hands and faced her. Matt unfroze her and she looked confused. "What just happened?" she asked. I became confused as well.
  3. "Who are you?" I snapped pointing the sword at her neck. She put her hands in the air and backed up. "My name is Grace Elizabeth Parker. I'm a part of APB and I would highly appreciate it if you GET THAT SWORD OUTTA MY FACE YOU CRAZY ASS BEOTCH!" she spoke quickly then yelled. "Pfft. If you were a part of APB I would know and, hmmm let me think. . . Oh yeah, YOU WOULDN'T KIDNAP MY FRIEND!" I screamed. She put her hands down and glared at me. "What the hell are you talking about?" she asked. Grace truely sounded confused too. I opened my mouth to speak, but Matt put his hand up and spoke instead. "Grace, what do you lat remember?" he asked calmly. "Umm. I was at home in Washington state. Then I got in a fight with this guy Peter. He's part of SAD. Next thing I remember is having this crazy ass threatining me" she explained pointing at me. I thought for a second. -How does she know for sure we're good? I mean, we are, but unless she's lying, she wouldn't know- I pondered. "Grace," Matt said sincerly. "What year is it?" he finished. She replied quickly, but with a puzzled expression, "It's 2011 of course. November." she said.
  4. Matt looked to me. "I think she's telling the truth. She was probably brainwashed and somehow freezing her made her snap out of it" he reasoned. "Yes, but" I said bursting his bubble. "She could be a acting to get into our heads!" I debated. "I mean, Mitchelle said they're not related, yet she can fly. . ." I explained. "Maybe they're second cousins or something" he said. -Wow, he's really defending this chick- I thought. Grace just stood there. "Umm, helloooo! I can still hear youuu" she said suddenly. "Prove you're good" I said, pointing the sword again. She took out her phone and then showed me the screen. "Enough proof?" she snapped. I looked at the screen. It had a description and picture of her. It was APB's website. Which included all of it's memebers (meaning the good side). "Fine" I snapped. Matt put an arm around each of us and pulled us into a akward hug. "There, now can't we just get along?" he asked. We both mumbled okay and he smiled.
  5. After a minute, I pulled away. "We should focus and find the others" I said. They nodded and we heard a window break. Followed by screaming and a bunch of alarms. I soon saw Claire's familiar red hair running out of the building. "RUN BACK TO THE CAR!" she shouted at us in a panic. We did as she said and ran. I saw Mitchelle had broken the window and was relived to see that she had Ben with her! I smiled on the inside. Soon everyone was in the car. Alex was driving. "STEP ON IT!" Lucy exclaimed.
  6. We had started to drive away and had gotten out of the parking lot when a group of those ninja gangsters came running after us. They threw stars at the tires. We haad no choice, but to fight.
  7. There weren't too many of them. Maybe 15. Seeing as this was SAD's headquarters, that was a fairly small amount. We crawled out of the car. "Okay, someone has to get us a new car!" I shouted over the commotion. "On it" Danny immediatly volunteered. The rest of us had to fight. I guess it made sense, Danny had no powers, so getting the car would give the rest of us a chance to fight. -Might not be the best time, but I'm glad to see you again- Ben whispered soothingly into my head. -Same here- I responded with a smile.
  8. I ran into battle, swiftly defeating my opponents. I had taken down two by the time everyone else caught up. We fought for maybe ten minutes before I saw a familiar jock emerging from the building. -Shiz- I thought. Soon enough though, I heard a loud honking. -Thank god, just in time!- I thought. We all got in the car and speed away before Sean could get to us.
  9. ~FAST FORWARD~ We had gotten away from Sean and Grace had met everyone. As I paced the new hotel we found, I decided we need to make a plan. "Guys," I said sadly. "We have to think of a plan for if Sean actually DOES get to us. Don't forget, we have to face him eventually." I sighed. Silence. "_______, the thing is, we can't live with our lives mapped out for us. We have to keep moving and just go with what comes our way to survive" Ben explained and touched my arm. I stopped pacing. "I guess you're right, but. . ." I thought for a moment, sorting my thoughts. "I don't want to lose any of you guys" I finally found the right words. "Not even you Grace, I just met you, but I still feel close to you" I added softly. Mitchelle teared up, "I don't wanna lose you guys either" she whispered as a tear dropped.
  10. I teared up as well and Mitchelle hugged me. I hugged her back as everyone formed a group hug. "I really love you guys. You're like family to me" I sobbed smiling. There were phrases of affection everywhere. I cried with happiness. I really DO love everyone here. I would be devistated if we lost anyone else.

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