Giving Love A Shot Part 22

Oh God it's been a long time. Over a month. I bet you guys thought I left! I'm so sorry, but I've been super busy with track, meets, grades. So sorry, next part I'm gonna try to get out within 2 weeks.

I might not, but I warned you. I hope you guys love this part, I tried really hard to make it exciting, well more romantic, but I hope it's great! Please commennt! I love hearing from you guys.

Created by: Teresa22
  1. It hadn't been long after the ghosts and Mitchy left that we heard Sean grunt followed by the sound of his sword being stabbed into a post, not too far away from us. "Ben," I barely whispered. "Yeah?" he asked. I almost started sobbing again. "How are we going to do this?" I asked, my voice cracking. "I don't know exactly, but if we do die— not that we're going to" he added quickly, noticing my terrifyied expression, "I would want to spend my last dying breaths in your sexy arms." he flattered me. With each word he kissed me, starting at my muscless bicep. Then he moved his lips up until he reached the corner of my lip. I swear, he planned this just so every time so that I would want more, not that I ever didn't. I giggled. "C'mon! Do I always have to be the first one?" I asked, faking a pout. He chuckled and kissed me on my lips. It was probably the best one I'd ever had.
  2. Ben put one hand gently on the side of my face and the other on my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned closer. It probably wasn't the best time, but I wanted to spend as much time I could with him before the world would be changed forever, even if we won it would be different. The hand on my waist was moved so it was wrapped around me. He was holding me as close as he could and I was almost sitting on him. He pulled me ontop of him and we were on some soft hay. I stopped for a moment to breathe. He kissed me on the cheek, but brought my head closer to his lips. "I love you. . ." he whispered, tickling my ear. "I. . . I think I love you too" I whispered back with a shaky voice.
  3. —We could die any second— I thought. —But this is still amazing. If I die, I'm dying in the arms of someone I love. And that someone. . . — "Happens to be my best friend." Ben whispered, finishing my thought. I looked at him, confused. He is so gorgeous, I probably don't deserve him, but I am so glad he actually wants me. His black hair was ruffled so it framed his face perfectly and his eyes were sweet even though we were in a dangerous place. "I was thinking the same thing" he explained. He paused for a second before speaking again, which surprised me, the fact he had more to say.
  4. "Also," he paused again, whatever he was about to say was important if he wanted to word it just right.
  5. He opened his mouth again to finish, but he didn't get a chance to.
  6. I could feel heat on my cold back and see flames in the reflection of Ben's fearful eyes. I rolled off of him and took a knife out of my belt loop, the easiest and most convienent place to hold it with my outfit. Facing the action from where the flames appeared, I waited. Nothing happened. It was so silent I heard Ben pushing himself up and take out a sword. —Where did that come from?— I thought as I stared at it. —It was my father's. It's disguised as a keychain flashlight— I thought and recalled that familiar pink hippo on his keys he would fiddle with when he got anxious. —Glad I never turned the light on. . .— I thought. I heard him chuckle lightly behind me. —Bet you don't get a surprise like that in your cereal— he responded.
  7. It was another moment before there was the sound of anything. If I didn't have Katniss Everdeen pre-explosion hearing, I never would've known. It was a little pop sound. Slowly, so I wouldn't scare myself, I looked behind me and saw Mitchy. I sighed, instantly relieved. But that didn't last for long. I remembered she couldn't have caused the explosion and so I was alert just as quickly. She gave me a proud smile and curt nod that told me she had done her job, that the others were coming.
  8. "Hurry up!" Alex screamed impatiently. "I'm trying!" Kyle muttered back, fiddling with the engine. —Of all the days to break down. . .— he thought, stepping away from the engine. "Now try" he hollered to Alex, who was currently behind the wheel. He turned the key and the car let out a weak grumble before dying again. "Try being better!" Alex reported to Kyle. Kyle rolled his eyes at the comment and kicked the mini van. "Just f**king work!" he muttered then cursed more because now his foot also hurt from the kick. Alex turned the key again and the vehicle sputtered to life. "It's good!" Alex informed. "That's just dandy" Kyle replied sarcasticly. "Just get in old man" Lucy joked. "Hey, you're not the one who had to fix it" Kyle snapped. "Let's just move. . ." Claire suggested. They all left the hotel and finally made way towards the described barn.
  9. —I am not going insane. I am not going insane. I am not going insane. Well, if I can still reassure myself I'm not insane, I'm fine.— Sean thought. He was tired, sweaty, and they had only been on the battle field for about 10 minutes. "COWARDS!" he bellowed. Why wouldn't they come out? They can't hide forever. He slashed at a tree and heard a rustling behind him. "Give me a knife" he mumbled to a ally. Once handed the knife he tossed, hilt over blade, into the source of the noise. It was followed by some more rustling and then silence. He stompped over to his kill and grimaced. He'd just killed an innocent rabbit, not a desired target. He screamed in frustration and ripped the knife from the carcass.
  10. Ben grabbed me by the waist and in a few moments we were in another world. Literally. In that split second the barn disappeared and everything with it, the battle, Mitchelle, my worries. I felt so peaceful. We were in a world full of white and it seemed like sterotypical heaven. Clouds, calm, peace. Ben was there too, which sold it for me: I'm in heaven.

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