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  • AHH :D yes, I was afraid you disappeared o.o Ben = not exactly my type of guy, but regardless that was cute :3 oh my, Sean, aggressive much? And you can keep on repeating that you're not insane, but, buddy, you're *cough* obviously *cough* insane.

    Whoa what happened with Ben there and this dreamy world O.o well when Dannica comments, it's serious; part 23 soon! XD

  • SORRY! I would have commented earlier, but I was at my karate class....I don't really know what to think of the dream world, it seemed really peacful! Hmmmm, I think I spelled that wrong. *shrug* I can't wait for your next one! P.s. Ben is amazing. Fact.

  • ................... .... I only have scilence to give ......


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