Smokey Night part 3

Part three of Smokey Night the adventure with cute guys and entertaining answers! This quiz has only Three rules: Answer truthfully, laugh when appropriate, and lastly THERE ARE NO RULES!!!P.S. christofer is not in this one.

I'm sorry that i didn't have this up earlier. I wasn't at my dads house forever and when i was i had no computer time and i was grounded from the computer a while back. But hopefully i will get part 4 out in sat a week or two.

Created by: xforgetXmex

  1. So you are woken up at the same time you were yesterday. you get ready for another day of training then Darik tells you that your not training today. what's you reaction?
  2. Whether or not you wanted to Darik still says no. He then takes you into his arms and kisses you. Before telling you that you need to eat quickly so that you two can get going.
  3. You eat half a pancake then realize that Darik is staring at you. 'what?' you ask him with you mouth full. 'nothing. just hurry.' he says as he finished sharpening his blade. After another minute you get up and go. What are you hoping that you will do?
  4. As you leave, Darik starts running not even waiting for you to catch up with him. what do you do?
  5. Finally you catch up to him only. to realize that your at the west entrance to your secret place. What do you say/do?
  6. He tells you that he found it last night when he went for a walk. You don't listen. you just grab his hand and run through the entrance into your canyon.(Beautiful ravine with crystal blue water with a few flowing water falls tons of caves and in the south a lush green forest) what do you show him first.
  7. You show him the caves first(because there is a certain rock that you really need to put down in your notebook for the next time that your out on your own) When you get to the rock you ask him...
  8. He told you that it was Dragon rock. You didn't ask if it was a bad thing to touch it so you just did. As you pulled your hand back screaming he told you don't touch the rock. then he picked you up and carried you out of the cave. what do you say?
  9. Darik told you that you need to listen to him more. And that you cant put you hand in the water to fix it. but he found some aloe and fixed it up. Then told you that it was getting close to sunset and that you needed to get going to somewhere else. where do you want to go?
  10. You end up going to his secret place which isn't very far from yours.Anyway, As you get there he takes you to a cave type area and tells you top just look out in to it and when the sunsets something magical will happen. because the sun wasn't going to set for another 30 minutes you looked at him then kissed him and took his shirt off. what do you do?
  11. You stop messing around with him to see.... Yes cliffhanger!!!!!!!!!!! Hahhaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry stay tuned for part 4! maybe try to get either the first one or any of these to the front page thanks!

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