Smokey night part 2

Part two of quiz number 1! it would have been up earlier if i didn't have homework to do. but its up now. theses thinks are really pointless it bugs me a lot.

OK if you haven't taken part 1 please go take it otherwise you will not understand anything that's happening. Hopefully your smart enough to listen to me and do that.

Created by: xforgetXmex
  1. It's your first day of training Ryan wakes you up at 4:30 in the morning. what is your reaction?
  2. Sadly you have to get up from the best dream ever. What were you dreaming about?
  3. So you go into the kitchen and you notice there's someone new. "that's Christofer" Ryan tells you. Christofer has shortish dirty blonde hair and silverish green eyes that sparkle when he smiles (that sounded really sappy).
  4. You sit next to the boy you like. Only to find that you have to get up again just to go train. As you get up to go a plate flies out of nowhere and hits Christofer in the face.
  5. "JACK!!!!!" "uh-huh?" "be nice!" well after the apologies were said to everyone and the plate was cleaned up you got you first lesson. which was how to control your powers.
  6. Darik is your teacher for this lesson. he's has the best strategy and Ryan has to go keep Jack and Christofer from killing each other. so your stuck with Darik. the first thing he tells you is that the angrier you are the harder your powers will be to control. then he throws a knife at you and you move out of the way just in time.
  7. "well that was OK" that's all Darik tells you before retrieving his knife and throwing it again this time your ready and you do a triple back flip and send his knife back at him. He catches it and congratulates you.
  8. So you finish up your lesson with Darik just in time for lunch. You leave feeling warm inside.Darik told you that you did better than he expected you to do, especially because you climbed up a flat wall with expertise.
  9. You eat and then its Jacks turn to teach you. His lesson isn't really a lesson he's just going to help you find you powers.So you get in to the practice room and sit down. he comes up to you grabs your hand and well then everything goes black fora while till you wake up and see fire and an army of the dead surrounding you and Jack who is shaking his head as if to say very nice.
  10. So now your done training for the day. Ryan congratulates you on everything and says that you have good potential but to be careful. you ask him why but he won't tell you. so you go outside to sit down and fins Darik out thee playing a guitar.
  11. As you sit down Darik tells you that your in danger and that you will be working with him and Ryan a lot more than the others.
  12. part three will be coming in a week or so. i don't have a computer at my moms house so that's why sorry for the inconvenience. hope to see comments and maybe this or the first one on the top 40 list.

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