Hogwarts Forever Part 1.3

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Created by: liz_king97

  1. The day passes by quickly, and you feel an awkwardness surrounding you and Ron during lunch. You keep noticing Fred and George staring at you, and you feel glad when Quinn, your House Prefect, and quidditch team Seeker, tells you to head back to your dormitary. Harry says a quick good-bye, and gives you an awkward hug. While you lay on your bed, you're thinking about,
  2. Sorry about the sudden time skip, but I couldn't think of anything to do...
  3. You enter the great hall with Terry, and have a giant water baloon thrown at you from above. You hear a high-pitched cackling as you and your fellow first years are drenched yet again. It was...
  4. Terry points up at the ceiling,"Peeves!" She screeched. You took her hand, and ran to your table, soaking from Peeves' little trick. "There are some aspects about this school I'd rather change." Terry grumbled. You shook your hair, and the older students complained as water droplets flew. "Well, if Peeves wasn't here, Hogwarts wouldn't be as interesting." "True," Terry laughed. You glance over at Draco, and see him staring at you. You turn away, and wait for the food to appear. Quinn catches your attention, and smiles. "Hello, _______, do you want to know what I'm thinking?" You say, "
  5. "Okay," you say, unsure where Quinn was heading. "So, Madame Hooch told me your mum played on her House team when he went to Hogwarts." You nod, still unsure. "Well, said you were the best flier in your class. And, I'm resigning from our team after winter holidays, so Dylan will need someone to replace-" "No," you say quickly, catching on. "I'm sorry, but Dylan can find another Seeker; I'm too young, remember?" Quinn smirked. "Well, I'm one step ahead of you. Professor Dumbledore has agreed to let you play on the team when you get back." Suddenly, the doors burst open, and Professor Quirrel, the Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, ran in, creaming, "Troll! In the Dungeon! Troll in the Dungeon!" You began to panic, and find yourself screaming along with almost the entire school. Proffessor Dumbledore raised his hands, and shouted,"Nobody panic! Nobody. Panic." You slow your breathing down, and notice that Harry and Ron are sneaking off to the girl's bathroom. You want to...
  6. You follow after them (sorry if that wasn't your choice), being careful not to show yourself. Suddenly, Ron turned around, and saw you standing behind him. "Merlin's pants, what do you think you're doing?!" He yelled. Harry shushed Ron, and frowned at you. "Seriously, though, ______, why are you here?" You are offended by their dismissiveness. "I'm here to help you in any way I can. What are YOU doing?" Ron's ears turned pink, and Harry's face flushed. "Hermione's in the bathroom, and we saw the troll head this way. We didn't want to leave her to be killed." You nod. "Alright, if that's all, then I'll help." Ron glared at you. "Sorry, _____, but I'm not sending another friend of mine to her death." You glare back, and he finally submits. "I guess you can tag along," Ron grumbles, "But you have to stay clear of the troll. I don't want you to get hurt." You raise your eyebrows. "Ron, just because I'm a girl, it doesn't mean I'm going to get in your way. I said I would help however I could, and-" "And that's how you'll be helpful! Stay out of the way, so Harry and I won't have to keep an eye on you, the troll, and Hermione all at the same time!" Harry glanced at Ron, and whispered in his ear. "But-" Ron protested. Harry shook his head and looked at you. "I'd rather you go back to your common room, but if you really want, you can help us."
  7. You, Harry, and Ron snuck off to the girl's bathroom, being careful not to get noticed by the teachers. "I hope we're not too late," Harry worried. "Harry?" "Yeah?" "Shut up." "Okay." Ron snickered, but stopped as you glared at him. "Really, this thing was your idea. Why can't you two be serious about this?"
  8. You run into Harry's back, nose first. "Ouch!" you complain in a loud whisper. "Sorry," Harry muttered. Ron watched you silently, and you pretend he isn't. "we're here," Harry announced. Ron gulped loudly, and pulled his wand out from his robe. "Let's go," he whispered. You also take out your wand and wait for Harry to do the same. You push open the door, gasping for breath when it scraped against the tiled flooring. "Hermione!" Harry shouts. You hear a wimper from a stall, and Ron shouts,
  9. "Troll!" he shouts. You roll your eyes. You DID tell him and Harry that the troll entered the bathroom. "Can you just get me out of here?!" Hermione screamed. Harry threw pieces of damaged stalls at the troll. You shouted, "Harry, get Hermione, I'll help Ron with the troll." Ron glanced at you, his wand in hand. "How do we get it's attention?" he asked you. You looked him. "I dunno, name-calling?" Ron rolled his eyes. "Right, like that's going to do anything." You glared at him, and threw a stall doorknob at the troll's head, and shouted, "Oi! Peabrain!" The troll snorted, and turned around. It saw you and Ron, and swung it's club around. You jumped, and landed on the big lump at the end. Ron's eyes widened considerably. "_____, are you all right?!"
  10. You jump from the troll's club onto his head. "Harry, go, just get Hermione out of here!" Harry looked at Hermione. "No!" She shouted back. "We're not leaving you, _____." You glared at the three Gryffindor's. "Harry, Hermione, go. Ron and I can take care of the troll." You felt a sudden thrill when you said those words: Ron and I. You shook your head. Ron stood off to the side, trying to get the troll's attention again. He looked to Harry for help, and Hermione shouted, "Swish and flick!" Ron lifted his wand, and performed the levitation spell. "Wingardium Leviosa!" He shouted. The troll's club floated high in the air, and you slid down its back, falling into Ron's arms when you reached the ground.
  11. Since Ron had to break his concentration on the spell to catch you, the club began to fall, and knocked out the troll. You and Ron ran out of the way as the mountain troll toppled over and crushed the previously undamaged stalls. The door to the bathroom flies open, and your professors run in, shocked. "Children! What is the meaning of all this?" Professor McGonagall cried. You bite the inside of your lip, and glance at Harry. "Well, we uh..." "It was all my fault Professor." Hermione led smoothly. "I had gone looking for the troll; I read all about them, and thought that I could take it on myself. If Harry, Ron, and ______ hadn't come, I-I would've been dead." "Ms. Granger!" Professor McGonagall looked devastated. Her best student, disobeying the rules. "Five points from Gryffindor." She said quietly, then turned to you, Ron, and Harry. "Not every first year can take on a full grown mountain troll and live to tell the tale. Five points. Each. For sheer dumb luck!"
  12. Harry, Ron, and Hermione all walked you to your dormitory. "I never got to thank you, properly, for saving my life." You shook your head. "No need to. I needed more adventure in my life." Hermione took on a more serious tone. "______, really. I would have died if you hadn't come along to help!" You folded your arms. "Alright, then, you're welcome. Can I go to bed now?" Ron took hold of your arm, and you felt an electical shock run up your arm. "______, Hermione's right. Without you, we all wouldn't be here." You stare into his eyes. "You're welcome," you whisper. Ron lets go of your arm, and the tips of his ears turn pink. "Good night, then." he muttered.
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