Blame it on the Rain: Part 3

Hey guys! This is part 3 of my first quiz series. Hope you guys like it! Josh- Brown hair, hazel eyes, muscular, and flew you to safety! Aden- You'll see down there. Don't wanna spoil it! Dylan- Again, you'll see! Enjoy!

Any ideas, feedback, or comments just post it here! Should there be more guys? Powers? Anything you have I want to hear! Bye guys and once again enjoy!

Created by: SparklyScarlett
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  1. You see a man. Wild red hair the color of fire. About 5'8" and has amazing eyes that seem to constantly change. He's also a little muscular...;) It's weird he's on fire (literally!) and he's fine. The look on his face says he's in awe. Of you.
  2. "Hello", he says. He has a smile on his face and bends down to your level near the bed. You nervously laugh. "Hey there." Josh coughs uncomfortably and Annalise sighs. "Is it hot in here or is it just Aden..." *So that's his name, you think.* She goes over to him and glares. He gets the message and stands up to soon walk outside. "I'll be out here. Katrine." He nods all cute like and smiles a half smile.
  3. "Well, that taken care of can we get on with this?," said Annalise. Her cheeks were all red and she seemed a little frazzled. *Hmmm... you thought.* "Yeah, let's." Josh said this and he sat on the edge of the bed. "Katrine,-" A bolt of lightning suddenly shot through him. He screamed in pain and you...
  4. "Katrine, you're, you're, you're-" he breathed out in pain, "special." He slumped to the floor. He had said special like you really where not like when someone says "Everyone is special in his own way." He meant it.
  5. "Josh?," you said. He didn't move and Annalise rushed to him. "Josh, wake up! Wake UP!" You felt hopelessness fill you. Annalise looked at you with sad eyes. "Dylanthian!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Soon a stunningly beautiful, FAIRY?!, came in out of nowhere. His hair was blonde and he had icy eyes. His face looked icy too like no one could break through. "You rang?" he said sarcastically. "Dylan please help him," she begged. "Lool how the tables have turned here I am before you, YOU begging like a fool." he glanced in your direction and locked eyes. They were cold and heartless. Just then Aden burst the door into flames in Dylan's direction and he shot it with pure ice. Aden looked furious and as the fight ensued you steamed. "Stoooooooop!" Everyone, except the passed out hottie on the floor, turned to gape at you. You jumped off the bed and stared at Dylan who had retracted an ice crystal sharp enough to stab Aden. "Dylan? Can you save him?" He looked at you with a slightly less cold face and nodded.
  6. A mist poured out of his hands and coated Josh until he was solid ice. You gasped and Dylan sort of smiled. "I'll give you the honors K." *K?, you thought.* "What?" He sighed in frustration. "What is she short bus or something? It's a good thing you're pretty." He punched Josh and the shell of ice cracked open into a million pieces. Josh gasped for air and clutched his throat. "Dylan? Really Lise?" "What was I supposed to do? Watch you die on the floor?" He glared at the fairy and stood up slowly upwards you and you helped him up. He immediately hugged you like his life would depend on it. "I thought we'd lost you." "You'll never lose me Katrine..."
  7. "Hello, cough cough said the now awkward group of people behind you." That was the first thing Aden had said since he made his entrance. You and Josh separated yourselves quickly. "Josh, PLEASE tell me what's going on here? Like where I am, why I'm here, how Aden is living fire, Dylan shoots ice, and you fly???!!!!!" Josh was a tad taken aback at your sudden outburst but he understood how you felt. "Katrine, you're special. You're a-"
  8. "Well you see-" "Youre a fairy K." "Dylan!" "What? She is." "I was trying to break it gently." "Can WE help it if you were taking a month to do it?", Aden said. Annalise spoke up, "Everyone shut up! I'm sick of you three's bickering!" She turned to you with a "sorry they're being guys" look and said, "You're a fairy. Like us."
  9. "So you're all fairies?" "No," said Dylan. "Shutup Dylan!" said Annalise. Everyone agreed. "I'm a fairy, Aden's the great grandson of Ra the god of the sun, and Jerkface here's a shifter."
  10. Cliffhanger! So who's your favorite?!

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