Blame it on the Rain

It starts out on a blindingly cold winter night. A crack of lightning and thunder strike the unknowing ground and a young girl almost falls through the cavernous hole.

Do you have what it takes to pick the best guy for you. Each part will have one guy in it and you'll have to pick for yourself who you love. But be ever so careful to not get their hearts broken. Or yours.

Created by: Caty-Scarlett

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  1. It's dark outside just after 10 at night. A sudden crack of lightning hits the ground and lights up the black sky. You can smell it in the air, that smell before a big storm is coming, it's on the brink. What do you do?
  2. Lightning strikes once again and you feel the earth underneath your feet split open.
  3. Out of nowhere you're in the air in the arms of a sexy brown haired guy with hazel eyes. How're you feeling?
  4. It then starts to pur down rain and you're both soaked.
  5. After a few more minutes of flying, you're still getting used to it by the way, he lands softly onto a grassy meadow where a little warm cottage awaits you.
  6. He still has ou in his arms and he carries you all the way into the cozy house. He smiles at you as he gently puts you on a soft bed with a pink bedspread. Or is it another color?
  7. You instantly fall asleep but you could sware you heard someone saying something. Yeah there it is. "Sleep sound, Katrine." And he kisses you on the hand!
  8. A cliffhanger!!!! What is Katrine and this mysterious hottie up to next?????? Find out in Part 2 if Blame it on the Rain!
  9. Oh by the way, just two more;), should I add in a curse of some kind?
  10. Ok last one! What names do you like the best for hunkilicious here?

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