witch star is for u???( for girls)

There are people who say im gona marrie him so i made a quiz on who you could get but dont blame me blame the internet if you dont get who you want srry enjoy!!!

Are you Jb's girl lets find out.Do you have what it takes to be Cody Simpsons girl?UNtil now so do this quiz unless you want to wait 12,16,14,or maby 100 years to find out.

Created by: karizma

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If Justin Bieber asked you out how would you react?
  2. If your dream super star( male )ask to marrie you would you.....
  3. Mitchel Musso ''dropped'' his phone number on ur foot what do u do with it?
  4. Big time rush asks you to sing a song you love what do u say?
  5. Nick J. broke his arm if you were his girl friend what would you bring him or say?
  6. You win contest to see your FAVORIET male star who would be out these 5?
  7. If you were able to star in a movie with your fav male star what movie would that be?
  8. If you could star in a music video with a famouse male star who would it be?
  9. If you had to pick from Dylan or Cole Sprout who would it be?
  10. Your singing in front of Cody Simpson and you make a mistake what do you or say?
  11. Last Q.( its really hard XD )what do you see into a guy

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