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Many people can do maths and history but some can do magic. What is a witch or wizard. A wizard or witch is a person with exrodonary powers. They are everywhere. They might even be living next door to you.

Are YOU a witch of wizard? Do you have the brain to go to Hogwarts? Until now you could only wonder. Bur thanks to this wonderful test. Enjoy the test!

Created by: Katherine

  1. What word will Uncle Veron not stand in his house?
  2. What day was Harrys birthday?
  3. Who came to give Harry a warning?
  4. What animal was Mrs Mason afraid of?
  5. Who saved Harry from the Dursleys?
  6. What is the Weasleys garden gnomes described as?
  7. Who said that Ginny was Harrys girlfriend?
  8. What is the shop they enter in Diagon Alley called?
  9. What is the name of the tree that nearly killed Harry and Ron?
  10. Whats the password for the Gyfinndor Comman room?
  11. What did Ron recive from his Mother?
  12. Who is the new Defence against the dark arts teacher?
  13. What is the foul name for a muggle born witch or wizard?
  14. Who is the captain of the Sltheryrn Quidditch team?
  15. Whoms Deathday party is it?
  16. When did Nick die?
  17. The writing on the wall was written in _____.
  18. Whos cat got petrified?
  19. What potion book did Herione take to Moaning Myrtles bathroom?
  20. What type of ball was following Harry all the way through the Quidditch match?
  21. Who thinks he's a Squib?
  22. Who was Harrys Partners in the dueling club?
  23. Whats the Slytheryrn password?
  24. Who does Ron and Harry turn into?
  25. Whos Diary does Harry find?
  26. Who does Harry think is the heir of Slytheryrn?
  27. Who's the Minister for Magic?
  28. Who took Dumbledore away from the school?
  29. Whats the giant spiders name?
  30. What did Harry and Ron find out?
  31. Whos spell 'Obliviate' back fierd and made him lose his memory?
  32. Who got killed by the monster in the chamber 50 years ago?
  33. Who is the heir of Sltheryrn?
  34. What is the name of the giant snake in the chamber?
  35. Who opened the Chamber?
  36. who did Harry free?
  37. Who is Harrys mum and dad?

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