What Wolf's Rain character are you?

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There's many thoughts for fans of Wolf's Rain. Who would I be if I was in this anime? Obviously everyone wants to be one of the wolf's, yes that includes me.

Who WOULD you be if you were a Wolf's Rain character? Are you trying to always protect those close to you like Kiba? Or do you prefer to stay from others so you don't feel regret like Tsume? Thanks to this quiz you can now find out!

Created by: PaintQueen091 of howrse
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  1. You walking through your hometown and you hear someone throwing around another person, you go and check out what's going on and you see your best friend throwing the person you've hated for as long as you can remember. What would you do?
  2. You're heading to Paradise and you find someone injured along the way, what would you do?
  3. What would you say describes your fellings about relationships with others (friends, BF's, GF's, etc.)
  4. Who do you THINK you're most like?
  5. Are you a leader, follower, or loner?
  6. What's the thing you want the most?
  7. Are you a Tsume fan?
  8. Are you a Blue fan?
  9. Are you a Hige fan?
  10. Are you a Toboe fan?
  11. Are you a Kiba fan?

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Quiz topic: What Wolf's Rain character am I?