Blame it on the Rain- Second Sequence

Hey guys! Thanx to all who've been taking my quizzes! I feel loved:) Anyway, this is Part 2 or to be more dramtic, Sequence 2... So far, Katrine as you found out her name is, was out in the rain for unknown reasons and dreamy guy Josh flew her away from the earthquake that was about to kill her. He's taken her to a cottage where she's met his cousin Annalise, pretty ginger, and now she's knocked out. I know, pretty much every story like this the lead gets knocked out but hey, I though it fit. Next...

Sorry 150 letters. The story's down there.The story's down there.The story's down there.The story's down there.The story's down there.The story's down there. Enjoy!:)

Created by: SparklyScarlett

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  1. You've just barely survived a huge earthquake, only becasue of Josh, yeah that's his name, and he can fly! He's just told you his identity, his power was obvious, and pounding on the house's walls is the rain. Hail's now started. But you feel ok with him there. He's sitting next to you on the bed. He smiles at you and holds your hand.
  2. "Is," pause, "is THIS ok?" He smiles at you with the cutest little grin.
  3. You look up at him and just as he's about to speak a girl rushes in. She tall, about 6'2, and thin and pretty. She has red hair and her cheeks match.
  4. "Katrine, this is my cousin, Annalise."
  5. "J, we have to get outta here!" She looks worried and is panting. "Why, what's wrong?" She starts to bawl. "HE'S back." Josh's face goes white and quickly turns around and much to his own horror knocks me out.
  6. A light shines from the corner of your left. Your eyes are closed and you still see it it's so bright.
  7. You open your eyes slightly even though it stings like the dickens. (Had to do it) There across the room is Josh and the bright light arguing. Something about the scene is very familiar. Haven't you seen this before? Suddenly they both stop and stare at you. The light approaches you.
  8. You see-
  9. I have to do 12 ?'s so... Who do you like best?
  10. What's your favorite?

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