Dont Forget The Lyrics

There are many cool people, but few awesome people. Awesome is a nice and epic exceptional. What is a awesome person? Someone funny to be friends with.

Do YOU know the lyrics? Do you have the guts to take this quiz? Until now you can only wonder but thanks to this great quiz you can find out in just a few minutes!

Created by: xCrookedSmile
  1. -Linkin Park Waiting For The End- Waiting For The End 2 Come Trying 2 Forget The..
  2. -Selena Gomez Naturally- You Are The Thunder and I am the..
  3. -The Veronicas Untouched - I feel so untouched and I want you so much that I just can resist you its not enough to say that I miss you I feel so untouched right now need you so much somehow I can't forget I'm Going Crazy From
  4. - Vanessa Carlton A thousand Miles- Making my way downtown walking fast faces past and I'm home bound Stareing blankly ahead just making my making my through the crowd I Need You And I miss you and now I wonder if I could fall into the sky do you think time will past me by cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you...
  5. - Nicki Minaj Romans Revenge - You wanna sleep on me over night?! I'm the motherf---ing boss over right And when I...
  6. - Adam Lambert What Do You Want From Me - Yea its plain to see that baby your beautiful and there's nothing wrong Its me I'm a freak but thanks for loving me Cause your doing it
  7. - Chris Brown She Aint You - I think I'm gonna let her go I can leave you alone everyday I'm with her All I want is
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